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Delete KuaiZip.exe virus (uninstall guide)

KuaiZip.exe is a malicious process. Shanda Games is the publisher of the app. The malware may be installed without your authorization. Usually, KuaiZip.exe may travel bundled with a free program. Thus, the parasite will sneak into your personal computer (laptop) stealthily.

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Remove KuaiZip virus from PC

KuaiZip is an unwanted program. It belongs to PUP.Kuaiba family. Of course, the program looks a very attractive. However, you should be aware, when you come across an attractive application that’s too nice to be true, it is a malicious program. It may cause various troubles, including financial losses. For this reason, you need to delete KuaiZip virus as soon …

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How to get rid of +1-855-337-0031 pop-up scam?

Many users today report that every time they surf the Internet their browser redirects them to +1-855-337-0031 pop what block the browser and didn’t allow to do anything on the computer. If you suffer from this issue, then this guide will help you to remove this can +1-855-337-0031 pop-ups from your browser. This virus has similar function like their wirespread …

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