How to delete Coupon Samurai Ads?


The Coupon Samurai is a new computer infection. It cannot be helpful or legitimate, namely therefore it is categorized as adware and a PUP (potentially unwanted program). The program may harm your PC and even may jeopardize all your system. Therefore, we recommend you to use a trustworthy antimalware tool to delete Coupon Samurai Ads and all similar software which may be installed in your personal computer.


Delete Godzilla Shopper Ads from PC


Godzilla Shopper is a new web browser add-on. Keep in mind, it just misleads people to have a traffic and better internet shopping experience. This application will annoy you during your surfing online. Godzilla Shopper is designed to display various types of adverts including savings, coupons, promo codes, deals and other online offers. Therefore, it is considered as an adware program.


SystClean program – how to remove?


SystClean is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) currently infecting many widely used browsers. Users see this application up and running in their PCs and actively bothering their attention. They try to get rid of it, however, no matter what the do, SystClean program still appears. In this tutorial you will find the proper way to remove SystClean application.


How to remove pop-ups?


It is quite true that pop-up windows are all caused by the presence of some nasty adware in your computer. However, things could become much worse if you actually proceed with the malicious suggestions stipulated in all such pop-up windows. So, please be very careful not to click on them, no matter how tricky these pop-ups are.


How to remove hijacker?


The problem related to hijacker is the issue for all widely used browsers. Most likely though the problem related to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Other browsers, of course, aren’t an exception and can be touched by it too.


Removal of dnsnewville.exe virus


The problem related to DNS Unlocker and its dnsnewville.exe process isn’t something new. Today there are many active Internet surfers who actually experience the same sort of a trouble. And there have been plenty of other users who had the same problem over the past few months.


Advanced PC Care virus removal


This guide will help you in removal of annoying Advanced PC Care program from your computer. First of all, note that this application is fairly classified as PUP (i.e. potentially unwanted program). It actually doesn’t do any valuable act for your PC. Instead, it slows down its performance and scares you with a lot of untrue information.


Remove Cinema-Plus 3.2c Ads (detailed guide)


Sometimes Cinema-Plus 3.2c Ads popping up in your web browser suddenly. It is a big problem for many people today. Unfortunately, these adverts are annoying. Keep in mind, it is a trick which is destined to distract the attention of naive users. In this tutorial you will find helpful tips of dealing with Cinema-Plus 3.2c adware and its removal from your system.


Getting rid of virus


Note that is fairly considered as a nasty hijacker. These days it may attack plenty of browsers, but most likely this trouble occurs with Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once the attack is successful, users will see that the home page of all these browsers got changed into So, all user’s search queries are redirected through this page.


How to remove Ads by MyBrowser 1.0.2?


Ads by MyBrowser 1.0.2 may pop up out of the blue in your browser. You need to pay close attention not to click on them, since these ads are extremely annoying for your system. They may pop up practically in all major browsers, but most likely this issue occurs in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.


MiniLiteSvc.exe virus removal tool


MiniLiteSvc.exe is a malicious process related to one or several nasty browser hijackers, such as iStartSurt, Omniboxes, etc. You may notice that this hijacker has changed the home page of your browser into its malicious page. From now on, all your search queries will be redirected through that malicious domain. In order to fix your browser you will need to get rid of MiniLiteSvc.exe and other possible malware.


How to remove Ads by Tortuga (adware)?


Tortuga is a special browser based on the Chromium project. However, in addition to actually performing the pseudo function of a browser, it is also responsible for displaying plenty of intrusive advertisements marked as Ads by Tortuga. This guide will help you in giving the answers to the questions dedicated to removal of such Tortuga Ads from your PC.