SmarterPassword PUP (eliminación de la solución)


SmarterPassword is a useless software which is advertised to be helpful in creating your passwords through some unusual method. It is promised to make your password secure, but on the other hand the program operates through a brutal scam. It makes a lot of dangerous things in your computer once it is infected.

(más…) redirect virus (eliminación de guía)

Istartpage123.com_.jpg is a new trouble to active internet surfers. Today the program may be installed into your system as a result of your failure to be duly attentive. The software is considered as a browser hijacker. En general, the this kind of infection penetrates into computers through integration with other cost-free programs.


Removal instruction for GetFlightInfo toolbar


GetFlightInfo is an extension to your internet browser. Some users may consider this program as a legit one, but it uses not very decent ways of installation and after that, it starts to show you ads and pop-ups. This extension has spread to lots of computer and it is recommended to remove it.


Eliminate Ads by MediaPlayerVideos 1.2 from browser.


Ads by MediaPlayerVideos 1.2 are the result of a serious adware to be the part of your computer at this moment. Sin embargo, the problem is that when you look into the list of browser add-ons or extensions, you might not see MediaPlayerVideos 1.2 to be specified there. Neither will you be able to detect this application in the list of legally installed applications. Sin embargo, Ads by MediaPlayerVideos 1.2 will keep bombarding your screen permanently.

(más…) removal guide


On the first look, is nothing more than just a website with search engine what allows user find anything on the Internet. But if you have a closer look you will see that is not so good and clean. This browser hijacker that often installs stealthily and bring many changes to your browser the worst part is that can easily infect many well known browsers such as Google Chrome, Ópera, Mozila and Internet Eplorer. So every time you go online you will effect of this tricky virus. In additional this browser hijacker can track all your online movement and redirect you to malicious sites.


Remove Ads by Cat Dog removal instructions


Ads by Cat Dog are displayed if you have adware application running on your notebook or personal computer. En realidad, the program attacks a lot of computers connected the Internet today. Así, Cat Dog Ads are a problem for many users. We wrote the detailed guide to help all users to get rid of this unwanted application fully.


Removal instruction for Ads by Serpens


There are a lot of advertising software on the internet. And if your see adverts with words like “Ads by Serpens“, “Powered by Serpens”, “Serpens ads”, then you have been infected with one. This advertising program break into your system with deception and tricks and after that starts to show you Ads by Serpens


How to get rid of Ads by InstantSavings.GURU


This article is meant directly to assist you in elimination of Ads by InstantSavings.GURU from your PC. Indeed this issue is the headache for many users today. It mainly happens in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Ópera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. You may see that there is a special application under the name of InstantSavings.GURU, which is mentioned in the list of legally installed applications. Más, you may see that the adware added its own extension into these browsers.


Getting rid of PDFConverterHQ adware extension


PDFConverterHQ is an extension to your internet browser. It attaches to such browsers as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The developer of this program are using to very dicint ways to spread its software and showing adverts in your browser after that. Because of that, this software is considered as an adware and a potentially unwanted program.


Golden Dock Ads – cómo eliminarlo?


To delete Ads by Golden Dock you need to understand that they are all powered by the disgusting adware sample called exactly like that. You can find out the presence of this unwanted program in the list of legally installed apps of your personal computer or notebook. Nota, all your internet browsers contain this extension called Golden Dock.


PriceFountain removal tips


PriceFountain according to developers improve browser quality by showing to the user different deals and sales from different online stores. User can compare prices on different items and decide what he want. But unfortunately PriceFountain is just another adware and potentially unwanted program. PriceFountain widespread because it can infect every browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Ópera, Mozila, Safari and etc. You will see lots ads every time you use your browser. También, PriceFountain can get your browser activity (Direcciones IP, Internet service provider, browsing details (websites visited, páginas visitadas, consultas de búsqueda, etc.)) and transfer it to the third parties.


Remove pcsp.exe application (potentially unwnanted one)


Some PCs today got infected with a serious threat and truly potentially unwanted software with the name of PC Speedup Pro. The core process of it is called pcsp.exe, which you may easily trace through the Task Manager. This guide will help you to delete all these unwanted programs from your computer.