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Over the past years the ransomware attacks have significantly increased according to statistics. With them targeting all kinds of organizations the large enterprises suffer the most. It’s an average of 10,000 attacks over the past two years. Cyber security specialists point out to the remarkable shift due to the pandemic in mode of work, mainly it is remote nowadays. And that largely contributes to the rise in ransomware attacks because of the numerous vulnerable devices and networks.

Ransomware criminal ecosystem sees a significant rise as statistics say

Mimecast Limited is a company specializing in cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365. It recently published a press release of a report on the statistics in the ransomware criminal ecosystem. The report bases itself on a global survey of 742 cybersecurity specialists. What is interesting here is that the results of the report contradict one another. The company’s research showed that 80% of organizations have been the victims of ransomware. On average they experienced 3,000 attacks over the past two years. Astonishingly it leads to a calculation of four attacks per day.

“Ransomware attacks have never been more common, and threat actors are improving each day in terms of their sophistication and ease of deployment,” says Jonathan Miles, head of strategic intelligence & security research.

Specialists emphasize the importance of being prepared. Organizations must continue to refine their defence work. The report plainly shows that cyber criminals’ boisterous activity shows no signs of slow-ups.

So “ The State of Ransomware Readiness: Facing the Reality Gap” report presents to us the next facts connected with the ransomware activity. It is also worth mentioning that the cited data is correct only as of the date of the original press release. According to the report responding executives parted in two in their answers with 41% who did not pay and 39% who did. The results of the survey showed the average payments to be:

  • United States – $6,312,190;
  • Canada – C$ 6,666,220 ($5,347,508 USD);
  • United Kingdom – £ 628,606 ($848,377 USD);
  • Germany – € 171,203 ($197,727 USD);
  • South Africa – R 3,261,352 ($213,884 USD;
  • Australia – AU$ 79,857 ($59,066 USD).
  • Recent ransomware attack on Media Markt

    When a company gets exposed to a ransomware attack sometimes the aftermath can be severe results. The report states that 42% respondents saw disruption to their operations. Another 36% faced significant downtime while 28% lost revenue. The left 21% lost current customers.

    The results of the report come with no surprise when recently another ransomware attack occurred. This time on a German company. The infamous Hive group attacked Media Markt. A German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with over 1000 stores in Europe. Criminals initially asked for $240 but then settled for a modest 50 million USD, or €43 million, in Bitcoin.

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