Discord virus. Programmers are also under attack.

Discord virus is a spamming campaign which takes place in Discord – a popular communication platform. Users report dubious messages from strangers, who offer to take part in a generous giveaway, or to use Nitro functions for free. The links in such messages lead to malware downloading. Let’s figure out how this scam is done.

Discord virus: how and why it works?

The majority of spamming campaigns are oriented towards unskilled users, who don’t know some peculiar details. Discord virus is about the same: almost all offers you will get from the spammers is to get a valuable thing for free. In the Discord case, free Nitro upgrade is even more often offered than Dogecoin giveaway or Google membership rewards.

Fraudsters may send you the strange link, or even a file, saying that it is a hacked Discord version. Making use of it, you will get access to the Discord Nitro functions without paying a penny. Such an offer may look like a truth for an inexperienced PC user, but advanced ones will surely ignore this fraud. It is impossible to get access to the Nitro functions without any payments. The information about the subscription for your account is stored on the developers server, and all manipulations with a client application will not bring any effect. The file you are offered to use to install this “cracked” version is usually a virus (spyware, keylogger or rootkit) or a phishing form. You may see the usual login window, just like one in the original app, but at the moment of login, you will see the error message. At that point, your login/password from the Discord account are transferred to the fraudster.

Discrod virus example
Discord virus distributed on the server

Massive spamming cases

The credentials stealing way described above is used mainly on large servers. Such a method cannot be massive, since the spammer must earn the trust of his victims. Simultaneously, spam distribution directly to the users does not require any trust. The only obstacle which may appear is the ban of the direct messages from not-friends. But the amount of users who enabled this feature is low, so the spammers can do whatever they want. The messages may be sent from the real accounts, as well as with the use of previously hijacked ones and making use of bots, which are significantly widespread in Discord.

Discord virus phishing
Discord Nitro phishing example

The text of such spam is likely the same. However, you will barely find a case when a victim gets a “useful file” or a “cracked Discord”, because it looks very suspicious. People got used to the most thick scam, so the fraudsters need to discover more flexible tactics.

Why does it happen?

It is just a part of a spamming campaign, which also takes place in Facebook and several other social networks. The specific manner this attacks have in Discord are related to the typical interests of its users. This communication platform is used mainly by gamers and programmers. Because both of these categories are forced sometimes to use untrusted/unlicensed programs, abandonware or self-made utilities, the advice like “disable your anti-malware software” do not raise suspicion. People just do not recognize such demand as a dangerous trick, since they are performing this step with every third app.

Is the Discord virus dangerous?

There is no strict list of the viruses which are distributed through the spam campaign in Discord. Users report about spyware, browser hijackers, stealers, coin miners, and various other malware types. All of them bring 100% unwanted consequences. Stealers and spyware can get all credentials you store on your PC. Adware is a gateway for any kind of viruses, including ones I have mentioned above. Trojan-downloader will just flood your PC with a wide range of different viruses, and you will barely be able to use your computer as usual. Conclusion is very easy and short – be very careful when using unknown programs or accepting very attractive offers. You can read more about these viruses and their effects in this article.

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