Google membership rewards scam. What you need to know

If you know what a Google membership rewards website is, we have some bad news for you. This page appearance is likely a sign of virus presence. If you also spectate the appearance of different excessive ads, the chance is close to 100%. But don’t panic, it is not critical – here is a review of this phenomenon. As an addition, you will see a detailed description of its alteration. Let’s go.

What is it all about?

Google membership rewards is a dubious site, which opens in your browser without your intention. It states that you won a prize, because, for example, you are the billions user per day, or an anniversary user of the month, or just a random-chosen one. The prize may vary – new iPhone, Samsung, $1000 Amazon, or Visa certificate. To obtain it, you need to do a little thing – take part in a survey or quiz. After these easy steps, you just need to specify where you want the gift to be shipped. The final of this occasion is quite predictable – you get nothing, and the maintainers of this website get your personal information.

Google membership reward scam

Sometimes, those thugs may try to get not only your personal info but also credit card data. You may be asked to pay for shipping on a site that looks very similar to PayPal or MasterCard payment page. However, such websites have no HTTPS certificate (it can be checked at the left end of the search bar in your browser). There may also be several mistakes in the payment form. Attentive users usually raise suspicion at this moment, however, they are in the minority.

Is Google membership rewards scam dangerous?

It steals your personal data, and, possibly, the key digits of your credit card. Of course, for some categories of users such losses are not very critical, but not for the majority of them. Losing all money you have on your bank account, and getting a lot of spam is always an unwanted consequence. And the things are not over on the single Google membership rewards scam. At the beginning of 2021, a lot of similar scams appeared – Amarktflow, Discord, and Facebook virus, “Is it you?” Facebook scam; this list is getting bigger day-to-day.

Much more serious danger, which may inflate your computer and data stored on it is a virus, which causes the Google membership reward scam appearance. Usually, this page is opened by adware – a virus which specialization is making money on unwanted advertisements. They began appearing everywhere – on the main browser page, among search results, on websites where there are no ads at all. And while the ads themselves are just annoying and distracting, the viruses which may be downloaded after clicking on one of these ads may be very different. Another adware, browser hijacker, coin mining trojan, or even spyware – all these viruses are often distributed through unwanted advertisements.

It is quite easy to get adware on your PC since it is flexible and may easily be adjusted a bit to avoid anti-malware software. And the methods of its distribution are really countless. Main ones are described in this article – even these two are very hard to describe in a few words.

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