How to restore missing files and folders after virus attack

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At the present time we are receiving many inquiries from users whose computers have recently been infected with viruses known as fake systerm defragmenters, such as Windows Repair, Windows Recovery, Windows Fix Disk, Windows Restore and several other similar malwares. All these users say that after successful removal of such viruses by GridinSoft Trojan Killer they have another crucial problem requiring immediate solution. Due to the virus attack of the above-mentioned fake system defragmenters the file system of the infected computers is entirely messed up. Users do not see their files and folders on the desktop, in the “Start” menu. In other words, their files and folders are missing. Some of users think that it is the job of GridinSoft Trojan Killer, but the fact is that this is the result of the virus attack. So, what is the best solution for fixing these problems caused by the above-mentioned viruses?

GridinSoft LLC team has elaborated the free but effective application that is meant to restore the file and folder system of the computers attacked by the viruses. After running this free application users will again see their files and folders just as they should be. The application developed by GridinSoft LLC is called Unhider, and you may download it from this site:

If you have Windows XP you may simply download and run the application. With Windows Vista or Windows 7 you need to download and run Unhider program with administrator rights. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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302 thoughts on “How to restore missing files and folders after virus attack

  1. I can’t thank you enough for this download. I have been trying for days to restore my files and pictures. This worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

  2. Помощ! Свалих програмата от линка, но компютърът ми не я чете. Някой знае ли какво се прави?

  3. WOW 1 CLICK AND THE B*****D thing was gone all my files and pics back
    A million thanks to you all

  4. it does work… I was leary at first cause it seems like a new offer but did it anyway. There was no message saying that it was working though. However, all my files began to appear beginning with restore of my internet toolbar. THANKS!

  5. I have tried opening the application to unhide my files, but get a message saying it is not a valid exe. I am using Windows 2000

  6. Really many thanks for this. Wa trying for 2 days and this just one click did it all. thanks a lot.

    Did it also remove the virus?

  7. I cannot thank you enough! I’d been trying to get back my files for weeks and this worked so quickly, I didn’t even realise it had worked until I checked my folders.

  8. Thanks you, Thank you. I have been working on this for hours and you solved all my issues in minutes. This was great.

  9. I have tried opening the application to unhide my files, but it doesn’t start (nothing happened) even if I try to run the program with administrator rights. I have windows 7.
    Can you help me please?
    Thank you!!!

  10. Same problem as massimo. Nothing happens, even when I right click to run with administrator rights. Help?

  11. Thank you so very much! I accdently downloaded Windows Restore, hidden in an email that looked like it was from UPS. finally got rid of Windows Restore, used your download and all of my desktops popped back up! Amazing!

  12. I was able to get all my files back but now I have to right click on a folder and open to get the correct contents. When I double click on the folder they all appear to have the same contents. Any way to fix this?

  13. This worked PERFECTLY! I am pretty good at being able to pwn most viruses and spywares when they pop up, but I was having such a hard time finding all of my missing files, and programs that were completely missing from my “all programs” area. No notepad, no calculator, no pictures, no downloaded files.. nothing! Only my programs that were in the x86 file were untouched, but even AVG had it’s files wiped out. Within a few minutes this program had everything back!! It’s like magic! I was worried it would be a “upgrade this program to restore your stuff we found!” type of thing, like the others I tried today. But it wasn’t, and it works like a ninja.. you don’t even notice.

    But remember~!
    If nothing is happening when you try to run the application, then you need to right click on it in your downloads window that pops up when you click the link, select open file location, right click on the file named “unhinder.exe”, and run as administrator. Just go on doing what you normally do, check emails, FB, whatever, then check your files in a few minutes and they should be back!

    You guys are life savers!! Thanks again!

  14. Grazie, con windows seven basta aggiungere l’estensione .exe al file scaricato e lanciarlo come amministratore, non avvisa che sta lavorando e che ha terminato, ma in qualche minuto ripara tutto,
    funziona benissimo

  15. This is amazing. I had almost lost all my files/folders and got it back by just running the file provided. After running this file, go to Folder option and check Show Hidden files. Virus had hide everything on my laptop.

    Thanks a MILLION….

  16. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    and my kids thank you!
    I’ve been repairing this virus attack all day. This was the last piece to fix. Yeah!
    It was so easy, and it worked perfectly.

  17. Beyond my words to say thanks. First time to get attack. WIN7 didn’t work and I can only restore my PC to an earlier time but I lost all my personal files including little girl’s all photos.
    So disappointed and begin to serach help online. Trojan-killer did such a wonderful job to help users like me. I got my files back and do backup immediately. Thanks again!!!!!!

  18. ola, obrigada pela ajuda.Apos limpar o viros e correr o programa acima, aparecerem as pastas e parecia estar tudo normal, mas quando fui ao menu inicia>> todos os programas >> acessorios >> ferramentas de sistema >> vazio
    aparece vazio em praticamente todos os ficheiros que reapareceram no meno “todos os programas”
    inicia>> todos os programas >> acessorios >> ferramentas de sistema >> vazio
    inicia>> todos os programas >> bitTorrent >> vazio
    inicia>> todos os programas >> microsoft office >> ferramentas microsoft office >> vazio
    inicia>> todos os programas >> jogos >> vazio

    alguma ideia do q se passa?

  19. Même souci, je suis sur windows 7, j’ai téléchargé l’application, et lorsque je double clique dessus/ouvre en tant qu’administrateur/grand administrateur rien ne se passe, les fichiers restent introuvables.

  20. Wow, I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, and now things are back to normal. Thank you so much!

  21. I need help! I got rid of the “Windows 7 Recovery” virus, and used the “unhider” to get my files back, but my programs still aren’t there. It has the folders for the programs, but they’re all empty. Help! What do I do?

  22. Thanks millions!!!

    Windows security essentials detected trojan yesterday. I acted on the prompt to remove trojan, but it had already attacked.

    Went through this fake defragmentaion thing which forced me to system restore.

    AFter restore no more fake defrag but all desktop files were gone.

    This has saved my day.

    For those that ran the program and nothing happened, just wait a while. Depending on how many files were hidden, it might take a while (for me up to 5 mins) for them to all show up again.

    Many thanks again!

  23. Thanks SO Much! I have been studying for finals and haven’t used my computer for three days. I got back home today and tried to use it and it turns out my mom downloaded something and gave me this horrible virus that made all my stuff dissapear. you saved me the tons of important work I have done and saved on my computer. thanks. thanks. thanks again.

  24. This worked but I have the same problem as Kristin. I searched for files by name and found them in the list. But if I open the folder containing the file, it’s empty. If I right-click the file, I can open it.

    How do I get them back completely?

  25. that windows restore seems to enter your computer via java script, the root of all digital evil…

    anyway, no prompt that it started working and was leery after downloading and running but i always forget that 200 gb takes awhile to restore =\

    I first noticed that the files were still in the computer when i saw that even though everything was ‘gone’, my hard drive was still as full as it was prior

    the main points being: THANK YOU for this ungodly fix, and THANK YOU for not being like those other d*ckish other ‘fixes’ who charge $30-50 for a system repair; you’re helping people everywhere -salutes-

  26. Ik heb dit geprobeert en ik heb al mijn bestanden vanop mijn bureaublad terug waarvoor dank. maar ik zit nog met een probleem. al mijn bibliotheken zijn weg en deze krijg ik niet trg :s maar mijn C-schijf is nog half vol en in verkenner vind ik al mijn bestanden nog wel. Hebben jullie een idee hoe ik deze bestanden terug kan krijgen? alvast bedankt

  27. Thank you very much! I have my files restored! It’s a life saver because I didn’t know about the trojan or virus issue until I got hit today. Good thing I google and know more about it1

  28. For windows 7 users, just wait a few moments and everything will return, it doesn’t happen instantly. Great program!

  29. I cannot thank this site enough. Our baby is 14 weeks old and everything, files folders were missing. So relieved to get them back

    Thank you so much

  30. Thanks You soooo much for the life. I was crying my eyes out thinking I will never get my data and pics back. This was an instant hit.


  31. Excellent. This is a superb website which can save lot of time wasted on killing these dirty malwares.

  32. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was about to have a heart attack when it seemed everything was wiped off my external hard drive due to some crappy virus attack. I stopped the attack but everything eas missing. But the total gigs vs used gigs had not changed so I figured stuff wasn’t deleted, just hidden. Months of work were saved! Note for users, no screen pops up when it launches. It just gets right to work and your folders re-appaear after a short while.

  33. Sometimes in life you run into people who truly make a great product. Your on my list and everyone else will know. Thanks again.

  34. OMG……thank you times 1,000,000…..I spent 10 hours of my life dealing with this and nothing was working…..until I used your advise……you are absolutely the best……….OMG

  35. you are awesome,i too was devastated when years of my life dissapeared in a trojan,there still here,thank you so much,i will recommend you to everyone 🙂

  36. I tried installing it using administrator login but I can’t instal it. I’m using windows 7 starter. Pls help!!!

  37. Thank you…x1000. I had two trojans and when I turned my computer back on, ALL my word files and pics were gone… I’m a writer, so losing ALL my work…ohmy. Thank you -so- much. This fixed it!

  38. I dont understand how to run the unhider program as Administrator for Windows 7. How do you do that? It isnt working for me by just downloading it and all my files are still missing….or seem to be.

  39. I can not thank you enough, the importance of the files i had saved are just unimaginable. The thought of never being able to access them was unbearable. Once again i thank you ever so much.

  40. Brilliant! At least I have got my files back, thank you very much! I am still left with the ‘Data Restore’ box on my screen which I cannot get rid of. Any ideas would be very welcome

  41. Thank you, that’s brilliant! At least I have all my files again. However, I still have the ‘Data Restore’ box on my screen which I cannot get rid of, any ideas how I can sort that out?

  42. Last night I was attacked by a horrendous trojan and restored my computer but all my files were gone despite my desktop picture was still there! I am soo happy there was a program to restore all my programs, thank you!! All you do is run click run and then search through your libraries and it is soo great when you see all the files are back! I’m glad they were just hidden and not taken away and there is something to find them again!

  43. Can only reiterate what others are saying – two years worth of stuff which I feared had gone down the pan – recovered painlessly by trojan-killer in 20 seconds flat.
    What a huge relief!!

  44. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! HOWEVER, there is still nothing on the left side of my start menu except Internet Explorer and a lot of the things under “All Programs” appear to be “empty.” In particular, my Microsoft Word is missing. Any thoughts?

  45. great website!!! Cant thank you enough!!!! my computer was a ttacked with a trojan today!!! and suddenly everything disappeared, I mad a system recovery but didnt get all folder back, but now this got me back everything!!! Thank you!!!! 😀

  46. WOW! Thank you SO much! I thought I lost all my photos & files, you are a lifesaver!!!

    This will remind me to back up my work, including photos.

    This works like a charm!! Highly recommended!!

  47. I ran the unhider.exe on my XP system and most of the folders reappeared. All the contents of the folders in “All Programs” are still missing. Most of the programs cannot be started without manually finding the program and adding the shortcut to the proper location.
    Is there any automated way to fix this problem?

  48. cried for 3 days after a virus wiped out my pictures thinking i’d never get them back!!! thank you for saving all my memories!!! love to you 100x over!!!!

  49. Don’t know how you guys did it, don’t really care but thanks so much. Files started appearing in about 30 seconds after installing.

  50. After a Trojan hi-jacked my life and froze my new Vaio I thought life as I new it was over. I did a restore to get my laptop back to life but years of work was missing (I’m a fiction Writer)I did a little crying then a little drinking then I did this unhide download then BAM!! 5 secs and everything was back to normal. I not gay or anything but I would almost kiss the person who provided link.

  51. I cant thank you enough. I had immediate results…my files and pictures appeared within seconds! A very happy person 🙂

  52. This totally works!!! Nothing comes up on your screen, once you hit Run. It just starts working away, and soon u will see your missing files start to pop up. Thanks so much to the people who created this!

  53. Thank you soooooo much. People like you who are able to help people like us with these kind of problems are awesome!

  54. Thank you so much. We thought we had lost all our precious documents and pictures. This really works and I’d recommend it to everyone who gets caught out by the same trojan as us.

    Thanks again.

  55. Your unhider program worked great and has saved me from further stressing about documents thought to be lost. Moral: back up daily. Nice to see that with all the malice going on in the world, there are still people like yourselves willing to freely help others – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  56. I am so estactic! All my missing folders/files were recovered. I thought everything was gone. Thank you so much!!!!

    It works !!! … I try solve this problem many hours . Sorry my bad englis

  58. I was fighting this issue of hidden desktop icons for 2 or 3 days, trying to find a solution using search engines, YouTube, asking many people, nobody could help until I saw your website, thank, thank, thank you so much it fixed the problem.

  59. OMG! I praise this website to the ground…YES it does work. It’s restored all my lost files back. I thought I had lost all my work, music,pics etc…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

  60. This really works. I was sceptical because you never know what’s really going to happen but just like some of the other comments you hit run and you don’t see anything else except for the files come back. I love the person who creat this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This was the second time I lost all of my pics and important documents. Maybe this time I will learn to back them up. I would not hesitate to try this. You will be pleasantly suprised how well and easy it works. You don’t have to do a thing except run the application.

  61. You guys are the best. I tried other sites and got nothing. I used yours and I got everything. I will definatly tell all my friends and post this to my facebook. this is F in awesome.


  62. Hi, I just wanna ask why does every-time i try to open this program nothing happens even in administrator mode? Please help me because i want to recover my lost files.

    This is my problem:
    One time i downloaded a file in the net which happen to have a virus in it. I tried to clean it using Avira and system restore a day earlier and it successfully restored but what i’ve noticed is that all my folders created become empty, and those folders contains all of my photos and important files.

    I just want to recover all those lost files…

    Please help me…

    Thank You! 🙂

  63. This was absolutely the greatest thing in the world. it actually works and is not a FAKE. Just give it a moment to work and boom everything lost is returned. THANK YOU GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  64. I opened a virus at WORK .. Thank You SO much! I got all my documents and pictures back! Such Such a relief. Will be doing a back up RIGHT NOW!

  65. OMG you are a life saver. I had several court doucments I thought lost forever. I had it on a thumb drive which had to be erased in order to download Nortan Power Eraser.

    Thank you!

  66. it didnt work for me…I scanned my pc with Avast and after a boot scan all my files only on the documents folder were lost. I am using windows 7 and i have adminstrative rights too..
    thanks for any help

  67. Hi,
    The unhide solved my data disappearance problems but I have still lost some programs one I had to uninstall (Familytreemaker)and re-install.
    I have also found that people are getting SPAM emails from me “re: just look” I assume that this is associated with the one that clobbered my files.
    So far still apparently got a problem, any ideas please?

  68. Ok for anyone that had a problem with this working on Win 7 64 bit here is what i did. I couldn’t get it to work, i watched a video that said to download something called restore.exe (downloaded from this site if you change the link up top to Run unhider as admin then run restore as admin and all my short cuts came back. Only bad thing is it didn’t restore any of the short cuts i had pinned on the bottom or anything that was on the right side of the start menu. i guess i can live with getting 99% of my shortcuts back. Thanks!

  69. The Unhider appears to be working wonderfully to recover my Mom’s PC after she accidentally opened a trojan, and I see many of the files I knew she had.

    My only question is: how do I know when it’s done all that it will do? (I have no idea what files, aside from her personal work, she had on the PC, and there is no progress bar or dialog, that I’ve seen after 48 hrs, indicating that it has reached its completion point.)

    Please help, and TIA.

  70. Wow, I was skeptical especially after a few seconds and nothing happened, I started to look for a new solution and assumed I had just installed a virus. when I minimized my screen again, all the icons were there… awesome!

    a quick note though, all my pictures were then giving me an error that i did not have permission to open the files. I opened with a new viewer and they all worked fine. problem solved

    well done!

  71. This really works. it only took 2 minutes. I tried to restore and cleaning out the virus, but my files still would not come back. thanks my paper of 40 pages was due tonight. this really saved me.

  72. I ran grindsoft and it restored my files. However, I could not for some reason run, unhinder.exe nor the restore.exe. Both could not be run even as an administrator. Why?3zdh

  73. Thank You! You saved my marriage! I can’t believe thier are *&**&((‘s out there creating vicious crap like this! Thanks to you and the program you created… I got all my pics, docs and music back where I can find them again. You Rock!

  74. I can’t thank you enough, My stepdaughter thought she lost everything. She’s going to come back off her school trip with all her pictures intact and the picture of our dog back on her desk top. Many many thanks!!!!!

  75. Thank you so much. I was really worried i’d lost everything.

    It was weird because i could find the files when i searched for them, but it said all the folders were empty and whatnot

  76. Ok the guys who made this win my infinite affection. I had just written 125 pages of my book and hadn’t backed up for months. Then i got a trojan. I removed it with malwarebytes but everything was gone. 🙁 searched around and found this program. 4 minutes later i am writing this review. I can never express my happiness.

  77. Holy shit that was easy.. about 2 seconds to download, clicked run and within 10 seconds all my files came back to where they used to be. You bastards need to come out with an anti-virus software. Seriously, Thank You.

  78. After you download it, click on it and wait a bit to work it’s magic.Then thinks start appear. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  79. Ok, so i got a virus used norton power eraser to remove it but lost everything, now did this got some things back but not my word procesing or itunes any ideas?

  80. Just downloaded it and thought it didn’t work, look at my desktop and its all back! Amazing, thank you so much. thought we’d lost a lot of the kids photos (most are backed up) and a lot of my work

    thank you so much!

  81. Just how will I know that the unhider program is done since there does not seem to be any sort of progress bar to know when it is done and that it has worked?

  82. It doesn’t work on me. Help guys i cant seem to recover my files through this program.

    my pc is windows 7 64bit.
    I run the program then waited. nothing happens.
    I run the program as administrator still nothing happens.

    my files isn’t back yet. help!

  83. Worked in restoring my capability of viewing files.
    However still have no icons on the right side of the start menu such as documents, control panel, downloads..etc for win 7 64.
    Sent request in.

    HOWEVER, this program worked.


  84. Great program!Just used it and it worked! I thought I’d never get my pictures back but this was amazing!! Thank you so much!

  85. I’m in the same boat as those others who tried to run this two different ways but nothing appears to happen. Can you help? Do you think the virus is preventing me from running this? Thanks.

  86. What tha heck. Oh my gosh people this works. Last night my computer was attacked by not one but 2 viruses – Exploit Jave and Trojan:Win 32. I did a system restore and noticed that while it restored my system to a previous point, all my favorites were gone. I didn’t have a lot of files saved because my computer is relatively new, but I had a ton of favorites for my business and other good stuff. I was devastated. So I searched different sites and found that they couldn’t be restored once they were gone. I truly put a damper on the evening. Today I found this and tried it. I just followed these unhide instructions, and nothing happened the first few minutes. Then all of a sudden, bamb all my favorites and missing files are back. I love you guys. I’m going to keep this info for future reference. Also we’re all going to have to become techies to stay ahead of these viruses. Whew. What a relief.

  87. Awesome program guys this works took afew minutes for me but it worked thanks guys!!! oh yeah mine is a windows XP home edition! thanks again.

  88. Guys, I downloaded it, tried to run it and APPARENTLY, it didn’t worked, but IT IS working, the program runs background and you can’t see it, but my files are coming back slowly, so just run the program and wait for some time.

  89. Help Please. I tried downloading thew file in order to recover my files but it doesnt open :(. I need help as soon as possible plz.

    Thank you,

  90. Thank you so much!

    Please note after download and you click run, it will seem like nothing is happening, but it is. Just wait 5-10mins and you’ll notice files start to reappear.

    I had to go into properties on the start menu, to get the usual ‘documents’, ‘computer’ ‘connect to’ links back, but all is back to normal !

    Thank you! Now to buy some antivirus software!!


  92. Just want to say thank you! I did not know the files were hidden and spent a half hour thinking I had lost them. Thank you first for the information and equally then for the fix – you are so generous with your intelligence – I double it in gratitude, which is saying a lot!

  93. I cannot believe this worked. After restoring my system because of a virus, all of my critical folders and files were gone. I could tell they were still on the computer, but were completely inaccessible. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was foolish and they were gone forever. After one last effort for finding information on the web, I stumbled upon this site. I downloaded and ran the software, after just 15 minutes everything was back. I can’t thank you enough, pure freaking genius. THANK YOU!

  94. OMG!!!! I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart! It works, everything’s back! You saved me tons of money, time and now I can stop worrying! So thank you yet again!!!!!! I swear if I saw you in person I’d give you a hug lol!

  95. Thank you – thank you – thank you. Ran the program and every folder and file was brought back!!!
    I could not believe it. You are truly amazing. Save my work and personal life.

    Thank you again


  96. Thanks, it worked great. After saving, double clicked icon and nothing happened so wasn’t sure if it was working but after a min or 2 all of my files and favorites were back.

  97. It worked! It didn’t seem like it would, but it did! I HAVE MY FILES BACK!! I’m so happy! Thank you so much!!!! 😀

  98. I cant believe it ! I got my Kids school plays back!! and DOCUMENTS ! it the best i had to comment (which i rarely do unless something is great )

  99. Great software ! worked at once ! I had downloaded a file sent in email from unkown person. Virus check showed no virus on download. After downloading the microsoft security essential showed as trojan and it removed, it came again and again. I could not find it to remove it from my C drive. My computer was gone. In safe mood I was able to restore the system but had lost all the documents and pictures. This software gave me all my documents and pictres back at once. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful free software !

  100. I was skeptical but it worked 🙂
    Very relieved to get all of my info and documents back! Thanks!

  101. Thank you so much, i was having a mental breakdown because i thought i lost everything, but then i tried this link and i got my files back, i really appreciate it, thank you thank you thank you 🙂

  102. i cannot figure out if the software mentioned above can be used for the removable hard drive too or not?? can any one help?? i tried it but still cant view the files and folders in my ext hard drive….:(

  103. Thank you so much for this software-I thought I had lost all my photos, data and important documents for work!
    Within a few minutes, I had them all back.
    Such wonderful software!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  104. program isn’t working. when i click on the program “the dialogue box “would you like to run this program?” comes and nothing happens

  105. how do I know if this software is running? Nothing happened when I opened it
    Do I have to pay for it first or is it free

  106. i got the same issue, but i have formated my PC, still my old file in another folder. “user file”.

    but inside there is nothing. but when check with properties it indicates that there are files inside. all the files are inside of it. i need to recover it. how could i recover my files back?

    please help me to recover my files back.


  107. Dear Suppoter

    I dont know ur software is superb or not. But when I installed our software. I have no result on my Laptop. what was my mistake for my side.
    So, Plz, tell me whats happen on my side.

    Your help needfull,

    Thanx N Regards,


  108. FANTÁSTICO!!! Já estava desesperado com a perda incalculável e graças a este programa tive tudo de volta, e de forma rápida e fácil. Muitíssimo obrigado.

  109. THANK YOU! I thought I lost all of my pictures from the last 12 years including all of my babies pictures! This works. Thanks so much!!! Time to copy them over to an external hard drive. Whew!

  110. Dear Ady,

    Gracias!! The file work and it help me to get back my folders and files. At first, I thought the file just a typical resolution files that give me 50-50 chances (it might work or not), BUT it is truly awesome. Thank you for developer, sharer and contributor of this nice file. Cheers.

  111. Thank you so much! A trojan wreaked havoc on my c drive and I thought I lost all of my crucial college documents and programs. Once I ran this program, everything was back. Thank you so much!!!

  112. This website rocks. I was affected by trojan Volume bot sector. Microsoft’s security essentials removed the trojan but mp3s, jpgs, pdfs big data, videos, 3 months baby pictures/videos went missing. unhider really helped here!! appreciate your help OP!!

  113. IT WORKED INSTANTLY for the FED EX virus!

    Nothing happened after I clicked run and then all the documents and pictures were there.


  114. Thanks very much for the free “Unhider” application! I thought I lost everything on my hard drive, but now they’re all back – in a flash! What a simple yet effective solution! Thank you again!!!

  115. WOW what a awesome program. nothing popped until i click on the background, then BOOM!!! there everything was. Just freaking WOW WOW WOW WOW

    Never in a million years would i have thought there was something this GREAT!!! Thanks so much

  116. thank you!!!!!! didn’t think it will work on my pc – coz this has a lot of problems already — was about to throw it away — with all the lost pix of my kids 🙁
    thanks so much for this free fix!

  117. It worked!!! IMMEDIATELY got everything back!!! I can’t believe it! 🙂 Thank you Jesus!!

  118. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! this is for real, I was scared to be infected with another virus but this really worked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing amazing!!!!!! it worked straight away!!! thank you again and again

  119. wow, en verdad genial, maravilloso y funcional, muchisimas gracias recupere toda mi música, videos y demas. en verdad una herramienta muy util e increible. gracias

  120. i effin love you! i thought mayb since the system got all jacked up it might have sent it
    to a different user or that it maybe even deleted it, but i was supicious when i coould see my childrens baby videos on itunes of all programs who hates missing files even when renaming pictures and vids and stuff like that

    oh and for all you peeps having trouble dowloading try it on firefox mayb that helps?!

  121. Try this… Start button… search for Folder Options… click view… select show hidden files…

    FYI… never store files on the desktop…

  122. Thought I’d lost a lot of pictures and videos with immense sentimental value. GOT THEM ALL BACK. Brilliant!!!

  123. how can I run this as admin? I can’t seem to do it.. =( I’m using a win 7 OS.. can somebody please help.. =(

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    The little unix devils who write these nasty trojans should be made to get out into the countryside and get some fresh air in their bodies.
    Perhaps then they will realise what dorks they are!!

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  130. Hi, recently got this virus and it helped to regain my lost files. Not sure if all of them. Anyway , tried on another drive where I had the same problem last year and I think that I only gained part of my files etc…The properties does say 116gb used, but when I measure the files that appeared or regained in this drive, it does only say 81gb. Can anyone help to solve this mistery, why I have not got the full 116gb files etc.. regained or back????
    Sorry for my bad english, Alex

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    God Bless…70 year old sort of geek. Got all my files back…

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    Also on my main user account, I have these but there is nothing there when I press start (Windows XP)
    I ran your unhide program and all other icons and programs appear to have come back?

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    Thank you soo much!!

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  148. Sir,
    Actually when I open my MS word files it was not opened and we get message after open i see the conversion dialogue box. and when open it show the missing fonts. Please tell me the how to repair or recover the missing files. thanks


  149. hi guys…can it also be applied for HD..cause my antivirus deleted infected folders from HD…now i cant repair them…actually my HD says its empty at all

  150. OMG! I had a ransomware lockdown attack which I cleared withSpybot Search and Destroy (freeware) and Malwarebytes Anti-malware (excellent very powerful but one off-payware) and Trojan Remover (one off-payware)–this was a joint effort with all three(probably a multiple infectiona. Infections apparently cleared but Documents, pictures, music, massive Favourites and Downloads files and part of the desktop disappeared!!! Luckily I backed up 48h previously got ready to do a selective restore when I thought this is rather peculiar. Did a google and got here. Used the unhider program and everything missing restored to view. If the no of files apparently lost is very large, perhaps takes a little longer for everything to unhide itself? Thank U all soooo much.

    The thing is all my other anti-malware found and removed infections after some effort but none of them, though they identified a group of infections, (apart from the ransomware lock down) stated what the results of the infections would be!

    Thank you again. I will be a regular visitor in future!!! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  151. hello, i have downloaded the program but i can’t install it im using windows 8 64 bit..can anyone please help me..i really need to reocover many files//;c thanks

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