Windows Restore – rogue. How to remove Windows Restore fake security application

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Please be very careful with new virus Windows Restore which attacks a lot of computers around the world. You need to know that this is a fake PC analysis and optimization program. Windows Restore is spread by means of Trojans that are contained on various web resources. You can get infection via the use of Trojans, fake online anti-malware scanners, malicious websites, and ads. Many people get contaminated when they hit ads, watch movies or videos, or download programs.

After its successful penetration usually Windows Restore shows a lot of warnings notification. They then arrange fake scanning. The results of such checkups leave much to be desired also. Some items are identified as viruses which they advise to remove. Never do this!!! In such manner you can get rid of vital files of your Operation system. In addition, you have problems with using your browser and random redirecting to some web page where you are asked to indicate your payment details. If you notice similar things are happening inside your system, please bear in mind it is technique to frighten you only. All these words have no connection with the real state of your computer.

Don`t take close any reports shown by Windows Restore, they contain nothing except outrageous lie. With the help of this trick they try to scare the user into obtaining the commercial version of Windows Restore in order to fix all allegedly detected errors. It is not important which version of this badware you use – either full or evaluative one. Windows Restore fake tool, which is not good at doing anything useful for your computer, vice versa they can just make things worse. We hope that you will be cautious not to get into this trouble. If Windows Restore by some reasons has infiltrated into the system the only right solution for you is to uninstall Windows Restore from your machine at once. If you give preference to our program, please read the removal instructions stipulated below, which include both automatic and manual guidelines. The choice is up to you.

Windows Restore automatic remover:

1. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to clear (not infected) computer and install it.

2. Update the virus database.
3. Copy the entire folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” to your jump drive (memory stick). Normally it is located at the following path: (C:\Program Files\GridinSoft Trojan Killer). “C” stands for the system disk of your computer. The name of the system disk, however, can be marked with another letter.
4. Open your jump drive (memory stick). Find the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” there. Open it , find the file under the name “trojankiller.exe” and rename it to “iexplore.exe”.
5. Move memory stick to infected PC, open “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” folder and run iexplore.exe. Optional: copy the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” from your jump drive to some other folder created on your PC and run “iexplore.exe”.

Below please find the similar video on how to remove Windows Restore virus using GridinSoft Trojan Killer:

Windows Restore manual removal guide:

Delete Windows Restore files:
%Desktop%\Windows Restore.lnk
%Programs%\Windows Restore
%Programs%\Windows Restore\Windows Restore.lnk

Delete Windows Restore registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random]”
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random].exe”

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