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Microsoft released new version of Attack Surface Analyzer utility

Version 1.0 was released seven years ago, and now technical giant announced Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0.

This instrument fixes changes in Windows system in the process of side applications installation.

In the last seven years a bulk of system administrators and researchers routinely used years Attack Surface Analyzer that became practically indispensable tool.

Possibility of tracing changes in configuration of operation system, allowed specialists detect potential risks for security as mark suspicious applications before they would do serious damage.

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Moreover, Attack Surface Analyzer gained popularity among applications developers, especially in testing. Tool allowed program creators find bugs and make patches before official release.

“Fans of the old Attack Surface Analyzer 1.0 release can still get the older version — now known as the “classic” version — from Microsoft’s main download center”, — said developers.

New Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0 is now available of GitHub, where Microsoft opened source code and involved in the process of development for all participants

This tool with an open source code, created with the use of .NET Core, that works in Linux, macOS and Windows.

The tool is needed, Microsoft’s announcement explained, “because most installation processes require elevated privileges, which can lead to undesired system configuration changes“.

Currently, the criteria that can be selected include:

  • File System
  • User Accounts
  • System Services
  • Network Ports (listeners)
  • System Certificate Stores
  • Windows Registry

Other criteria may get added to the tool in the near future.

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Source: https://redmondmag.com

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