Facebook virus – a modern spam campaign.

Facebook virus is a common name for spam which is sent massively nowadays through Facebook. These messages contain dubious links, which leads to malware downloads. In this post, you will see the full information about the Facebook virus, and the description of its mechanism.

Facebook virus spam messages – what are they?

While chatting on Facebook, you may get strange messages from the profiles which are in your friend’s list. The content of such messages is atypical, compared to the typical themes discussed. Sudden offers to download and install “A perfect tool for daily browser usage” or “free tool for photo editing” can barely be explained with altruism or other displays of generosity. They may promote you not a free tool with questionable efficiency, but, for example, an online casino, bookmaker website or so. However, the effect of following one of these links will be the same – virus downloading. Exactly, that’s why it is called a “Facebook virus”.

Facebook virus

Ok, let me explain something. Your relatives, friends, or whoever sent you this spam haven’t done this. Such spamming is a clear sign that their account was hijacked. And since a third party has control of their accounts, it is reckless to blame them. It is better to contact them in a possible way and notify them about this strange activity. But how did the spammers get access to these accounts?

Stealing the credentials

Spyware, phishing, social engineering. There are three foundation stones of 95% of credentials theft. But when we are talking about the Facebook virus, spyware pushes out all other methods. The reason for such a choice is the possibility of a massive attack: spyware may collect thousands of logins and passwords during a single day. The next day cybercriminals are able to use these accounts for their fraud. You can read a more detailed description of spyware on that page.

Phishing and social engineering are much less massive and used only in cases of targeted attacks. The last one may also be expensive and/or hard to perform: social engineering may be conducted through the cell phone or VoIP call. And it can take several attempts to get the victim’s password.

Is Facebook virus dangerous for me?

Yes, because no one knows what will be downloaded after following the link in the message. Potentially unwanted program (PUP), adware, browser hijacker – that is the list of what is spread nowadays. And, who knows, maybe tomorrow this distribution way will be used for coin miners, trojan-downloaders, or other unwanted things? Clicking on the dubious link on the Web was always a bad idea, and doing it these days is even worse.

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