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  1. Foy says:

    Guys, thank you so much! This guide helped me a lot, and I don’t know what I would do without your program.

  2. vibhor says:

    Hey recently my fb account got hacked by some spy. Finally after huge research on web i came to know about this article. please tell me should i use fb in https mode? Thanks alot

  3. timo says:


    We got back our page! Our page has over a million fans, and a hacker stole it, so we didn’t rest till we got it back.

    Here are the links you must write to:


    We filled out these forms and we firstly got a negative respond:

    “It appears you are instead writing to us for support about a Page admin issue.

    Facebook is not in a position to resolve disputes regarding admin privileges.”

    But we kept continue writing them, and I even searched for real persons at facebook. I searched for pictures of facebook london office and I wrote those who were tagged and who I thought belongs to facebook. And I got replay from one guy, he asked which page is it, I wrote him and the whole situation, and 3 hours later, I got my page back.

    They wrote this:

    Hi Peter,

    We’ve restored your Page admin status. Here are some things you can do to help keep your account safe:

    – Pick a strong password & don’t share it
    – Update your email passwords
    – Add a security question to your account: https://www.facebook.com/help/174775012577892
    – Take advantage of our extra security features: https://www.facebook.com/help/413023562082171
    – Review our security tips: https://www.facebook.com/help/213481848684090

    If you have any other questions, please visit our Help Center:



    User Operations

    One more thing, facebook dosen’t like if you added other admins and they banned you. You must be careful and add people to admin who you can trust in, but if you were the only admin or there were two or three more, but suddenly a new one came and banned you all can be suspicious as well so in this case write them because it is really weird and they will help you to get your page back.

  4. Guy Schwartz says:

    Hey there! Hope you Could please help me…
    My fb account has been hacked and my password, e – mail and security question were changed so i have no possibility to restore my password. I have tried every possible solution i Could find online.
    If you have got any idea i would really apriciate it.

  5. Blinki says:


    Please provide us the id of Mahmut (or e-mail address), may be he help us too.

    I have been admin of fan page of the company were i work.I work at a big shopping center, and someone hacked our page.
    Please help me, because is very important to me, may be my chief cancelled me if i don`t recover the page sad

    Best regard

  6. Mike says:

    My Facebook fan/community page was just hacked and I was removed as Admin. (I was the sole Admin) The page has been posting nothing but spam ever since. It’s been a week and Facebook hasn’t even responded to any of my inquiries.

    Is there any way to get Mahmut’s last name – or another name at Facebook? I simply need a human being to investigate and I guarantee they will restore my page to me. I’m feeling helpless and desperate. Facebook’s Help Center is dreadful and basically a dead end.


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