Isecurity.exe – virus process of Internet Security malware

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  1. Puggsoy says:

    Hey man, I would like to give you a big thanks for this. I was at wits end what to do: the program blocked me opening practically any application, pretty much anything with an .exe or .com extension, and all other online solutions were very outdated. Your solution worked like a charm, and I got it sorted out in no time.
    What’s funny is that I got this virus not more than a few hours ago, so I’m doubly thankful that you found a solution so quickly.

    One thing I’d like to note is that the registry entry for me wasn’t at the location you specified. I can’t remember it exactly, but I found it by searching “Internet Security” in regedit.

    Anyway, once again thanks billion for this. I’d be going crazy with frustration right now if it weren’t for you!

  2. iqbal says:

    Great info and really help me to get rid from this trojan

  3. jc says:

    thank you so much. i can’t believe how simple that was and how quickly it worked. thanks again!

  4. hermes says:

    I get the message that my computer can’t find taskkill.exe. Has the virus improved?

  5. Chamac says:

    Bravo pour mettre a disposition ce turoriel clair et complet. Médicament très efficace!


  6. Neo says:

    This app kills all newly started executables, claiming infection with a worm.
    Rebooted in safe mode & found isecurity in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\isecurity.exe

    Deleted file and registry entry.

    All Good now

  7. Vania says:

    Muuuuito obrigada!! Já estava ficando doida, ninguém conseguia ajudar, não conseguia abrir nada no computador. Excelente dica!~

    Não consegui executar de primeira, mas depois de umas tentativas deu tudo certo.

  8. Kretes says:

    wie kann sich der Virus installieren? Ich habe es gestern gehabt und u.a. dankt der Beschreibung hier entfernt, aber verstehe gar nicht, wie ein Virus sich von Besuch einer Webseite selber installieren kann – ich habe kein Programm angeklickt um es auszuführen. Trotzdem hat das Ding volle Kontrolle über alle Prozesse übernehmen können. Man ist das ein Schiss-System diese Windows!!!!

  9. kla says:

    I started my computer in safe mode which disabled the isecurity program from running, then deleted the file. The problems stopped after that . I did a system restore just to be safe and downloaded this program. It only found one trojan not associated with isecurity, does this mean everything’s taken care of?

  10. Everton says:

    Hey guys, I got this too. I deleted the executable file and the registry entry before finding this site. I was looking around the internet just to make sure it was all I needed to do to get rid of it. Thanks for the help!

  11. Sherien Badran says:

    really thank you .. you save my pc from formatting and reinstall new os .. thank you .. I’m really appreciated your help

  12. Thanks for the info, it saved me from having to dig this out myself.

    Just one thing, I found the registry entry in HK Current User rather than Local Machine.

    You can run msconfig.exe after taskkill and it should show you where the file is located and where its registry entry is.

  13. Mario says:

    mil gracias!!!!

  14. Jason T says:

    Thank you so much! I was ready to cry when this happened, but had everything sorted out in a little while. I’ve dealt with these before and it took me forever to deal with the problem.Thank you for all the useful information!

  15. Gideon says:

    Just boot into safe mode. search for the file ‘msconfig.exe’ and double click on it.
    click the tab ‘startup’ and uncheck the ‘isecurity’ program and reboot into normal mode. That’s it. I know, I’ve done it.

  16. Peter says:

    Same as Gideon stated:

    Boot into safe mode, start -> run -> msconfig.exe’, on the tab ‘startup’ uncheck the ‘isecurity’ program.

    However I would recommend also:

    – In addition to unchecking read the actual full path of the trojan and shift-delete this file so it is actually no longer om your disk.
    – search for isecurity.exe in regeedit, to delete the whole registry key as msconfig only moves it so it doesn’t get called.
    – install a virus/spyware scanner and do a full scan for sanity and peace of mind. Also this will remove it in case a copy ended up in system-restore or internet cache. (It did on my system!)

  17. Wynne says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, you saved my day/computer! I was freaking out when I couldn’t delete this malware and it wouldn’t let me open my Explorer browser and didn’t allow me to delete the isecurity.exe file. Thankfully, I was able to log into my hubby’s user access to Google your website. BTW, nice hymns on your video…those are some of my favorites! 🙂

  18. Shinji says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!!
    I got this virus on my work computer and I was terrified because I couldn’t run any anti virus programs nor even go online to look for a solution. I came home and looked it up and saw your site. I rushed back to work and, thanks to you, it is fixed and I won’t get in trouble!!!! You’re a lifesaver!!!!

    (I’ll stay off the internet at work now though)

  19. erchamion says:

    Thanks for the tips! the trojan should be gone from my computer – at least I thought so. Everything is working fine now, but I do have a rather strange problem:
    When the trojan was still running it was blocking also the browsers and I read somewhere that this virus sometimes stops especially searches with google, yahoo etc.
    Now everything seems fine, I can use internet but in as well ie as firefox as chrome I cannot open google webpage, or use searchengines like altavista or sth. What on earth could that be? I did check the usual suspects, but now I do not know what to do anymore. Can anyone help please?

  20. muhebur says:

    my internet security for one year but after three year its removed so how do i get this security back

  21. abhi says:

    thx a tonn, it voked 4 me!!!

  22. Jay says:

    thank you. you Rock! the virus is stopped and I can use the computer again.

  23. Shellz says:

    Thank u soooooooo much!!! This helped me a bunch….ur awesome for this ….it totally made my day!!!!

  24. XXX says:

    BLA BALA BLA – Test důvěryhodnosti

  25. XXX says:

    There is an error in the syntax, uder the video. It must be TASKKILL.exe /F /im isecurity.exe no TASKKILL.exe /F im isecurity.exe. It is good in the video.

  26. xamurai says:

    Noch einfacher: ISecurity.exe lokalisieren meist in:

    Datei umbenennen

    Windows abmelden
    Windows anmelden
    Datei löschen.

  27. Gui... says:

    Great, it worked, thx a lot from germany

  28. Blackmoon65 says:

    Guten Tag,
    danke für diese Infos hier. Habe das File isecurity.exe gefunden und gelöscht. Nun habe ich das Problem, wenn ich das System neustarte, kommt immer so ein Fenster mit deutschen 3 Streifenfarben un der text und Button, das man sich ein Programm kaufen muss um das alles wieder zu reparieren. Ich bekomm nur noch das Fesnter, wo ich nur die möglichkeit habe, auf KAUFEN zu klicken und ein schwarzer Hintergrund, mehr nicht.
    Bitte um Hilfe.


  29. Sooner535 says:

    hey man thanks for this also if anyone has trouble moving with it on go (isecurity) go to its properties and disable its access, with that done itll allow you to move around and get this done, hope this helps and thanks again

  30. Vasko says:

    Blagodaria za pomoshta

  31. Matt_UK says:

    Im not overly computer literate but solved this problem using a variety of online sources. People who write these viruses must have a pretty skewed outlook on life. By describing the following I hope that others in a similar position can solve the problem quickly.


    My notebook (Samsung N130) had been infected with the Internet Security virus and it kept stating that the blaster worm virus had been detected. Visiting this site and others on another machine gave me very reassuring information to the contrary. Despite this I couldn’t remove the virus using many of the methods I found.


    1) “Taskkill” was not recognised as a command. “Tskill” did get recognised but didn’t solve the problem despite multiple attempts.

    2) The Internet Security virus seemed to disallow me from using many of the functions (including the internet, system restore, the ability to delete programs…)


    1) I restarted my notebook and accessed safe mode

    2) When in safe mode many of the functions became unblocked. I logged in as the system administrator and then I used the following:


    to restore my computer to a set point two days previous.

    The method worked pretty decisively.

    (I would say however that this method is probably a last resort as you may lose some data between the fixed point and the current date)

    Best Wishes.

  1. January 31, 2019

    […] you try to launch as the ones infected with W32.Blaster.Worm. However, Internet Security and its isecurity.exe is the file you must remove. This is the ultimate source of infections on your […]

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