Remove 2.exe Trojan (uninstall guide)

remove 2.exe

What is 2.exe? It is a malicious process which you may detect in your Windows task Manager. It is deemed as a trojan. Such sort of malware is a very dangerous. Once installed, it is able to allow hackers to access your laptop (PC) from remote locations. Thus, the scammers may steal your passwords and confidential information. 2.exe may put at risk your system. Security experts recommend to remove it as soon as possible.

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Remove Start_page.exe Trojan (guide)

Start_page.exe is a nasty app. It belongs to Trojan.LoadMoney family. We recommend you to read the post and follow the guide below. The removal instructions will help you to delete Start_page.exe virus fully. Otherwise, your privacy may be put at risk and you may face financial losses.

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Remove Gplyra Miner (gplyra.exe) from PC


The Gplyra Miner belongs to Trojan.CoinMiner family. The unwanted program will use victim’s CPU to mine digital currencies. Usually, it uses the CryptoNight hashing algorithm. Gplyra Miner by LLC “SOFT ERA” will cause high load your processor. It generates digital coins. Thus, your operating system may freeze. We recommend you to delete it immediately.

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