How to remove rogue Soft Barrier (uninstall instruction)

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Soft Barrier (SoftBarrier), – a rogue antivirus (clone of SoftVeteran)usually is installed via video codecs or flash updates that are necessary to see online videos. In reality, these programs are trojans and do not allow you to watch any videos, but instead download and install SoftBarrier onto your computer and configure it to start automatically.

Rogue Soft Barrier Startup
Rogue Soft Barrier Startup

As SoftBarrier is on your machine, it starts simulated scans, and display fake warnings that your personal computer is infected. Of course, creators decided that the best way to make people purchase their product, in this case SoftBarrier, is to scare them, and then provide the solution to solve this problem.

Rogue Soft Barrier
Rogue Soft Barrier
Rogue Soft Barrier Alert
Rogue Soft Barrier Alert

We advise you to be extremely careful with this malicious software. Do not install it yourselves. It is extremely important to remove all the components of the SoftBarrier and all the malware and trojans that it might have come bundled with.

GridinSoft LLC and IS NOT associated, affiliated, consorted, or connected with the publishers or creators of Soft Barrier.

Soft Barrier automatical remover:

Trojan Killer detected rogue SoftBarrier antivirus
The screenshot above displaying all the threats that Trojan Killer found. Please note that the infections found on your computer may be different than what is shown here

As you might have foreseen, Soft Barrier is not a lonely walker in the empty space. In contrary, it has multiple ties with other rogues so that complex malware removal is the best way to get rid of Soft Barrier. In addition, if you remove Soft Barrier automatically, you get life-time protection from malware aggression.

Soft Barrier manual removal guide:

Delete Soft Barrier files:

%CommonPrograms%\SoftBarrier\1 SoftBarrier.lnk
%CommonPrograms%\SoftBarrier\2 Homepage.lnk
%CommonPrograms%\SoftBarrier\3 Uninstall.lnk
%ProgramFiles%\SoftBarrier Software\SoftBarrier\SoftBarrier.exe
%ProgramFiles%\SoftBarrier Software\SoftBarrier\uninstall.exe

Delete Soft Barrier registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SoftBarrier”

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