Remove ‘Recommended for You’ adware (popup)

Recommended for you adware

In this guide we explain removal of ‘Recommended for You‘ popups, which are truly annoying for all users. This kind of adware may appear on any browser you typically use. There are many people online who would like to get rid of this malware off their computer. Plese use these instructions for additional removal help.

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GorillaPrice adware (removal guide)

GorillaPrice adware

In this article we will tell about nasty adware sample called GorillaPrice. We, in fact, don’t even know why in the world this piece of adware associates itself with gorilla. But we do know that the majority of users these days would like to effectively get rid of this potentially unwanted program, and so we have developed these instructions to assist you the best we can. Please follow our recommendations set forth below. Keep in mind that they are of automatic nature and should help you uninstall GorillaPrice within just a couple of mouse clicks.

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Remove FaceSmooch adware (uninstall instructions)


In this guide we will explain to you how to get rid of FaceSmooch adware which promises a lot of pleasures and conveniences while on Facebook. Yet, once installed, this application causes many problems for unwary computer users. The worst thing that is done by this adware is causing a lot of issues primarily related to browser redirection. So, if you’re in search for the correct solution on how to get rid of FaceSmooch of your computer, then you’ve find the right place. Stay with us as we continue to explain to you how to get rid of FaceSmooch off your computer.

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How to remove Brothersoft Toolbar from your browser?

Brothersoft Toolbar

In this guide we will explain how to get rid of Brothersoft toolbar. Generally, this is not a malware, however, it is classified as adware, and surely is quite annoying for many computer users. Why is it so? Primarily they’re annoyed by the fact that browser gets hijacked, and thus this fact causes serious search engine redirection through (which becomes the default search engine and a homepage).

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Uninstall SweetPacks and SweetIM Toolbars (removal help)

Sweetpacks toolbar

This guide gives instructions to effectively get rid of SweetPacks and SweetIM toolbars off your computer. To say that both of these toolbars are annoying is to say nothing. Millions of PCs have been actually attacked by this nasty adware program. Users are wasting a lot of time because of their attention being permanently distracted by popups and alerts associated with both of these toolbars. If you’re in search for the correct solution on how to remove SweetPacks and SweetIM off your system please follow the instructions below.

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How to terminate the process of malware

KillProc folder contents

This is the guide explaining the easy procedure of terminating the process of malware (virus infection). Right now the major problem when removing malware from infected PCs is the issue of stopping the process of such malware. When you actually succeed to stop the malicous process effectively, then you will surely be able to delete the very source of the infection with the reliable security software available. So, if your computer has become the dwelling place of any sort of rogue security software, please follow the steps below that will help you kill its process.

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Remove ‘this is a very nice photo of you’ Skype virus

Believe us, if you ever get a message in Skype that says ‘this is a very nice photo of you‘ then it’s not worthy of clicking the link that follows after this message. The reason for this is that the link brings a serious infection into your computer. Clicking the link and executing the file turns your Skype account into massive spam machine. Hence, be very careful not to be caught on this hook of malware developers. Use this guide to remove Skype virus from your computer.

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How to remove Hola Search ( from your browser

Hola Search

What is Hola Search, by the way? We know the answer to this question. When this thing is present on your computer, this means that your browser instead of the common search (start) page will be redirecting all your search queries via Thus, this thing is a browser redirecting application, or, so-to-speak, the browser add-on. It may be implanted into any browser, by the way, including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Intrenet Explorer, of course. Yet, is is worth saying that sometimes Hola Search add-on appears on computer because of user’s direct participation. In fact, this may occur when he/she download certain software (freeware of shareware) and installs it. In this case the installer of such application is generally bundled with the installer of Hola Search. As a result, user chooses the common (default) installation, refusing to uncheck the respective box that gives the option not to uninstall this add-on. As a result, Hola Search is on your system.

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FbDownloader is the application that can be easily downloaded via Facebook or other resources. The trick is that its installer by default has the additional toolbar offered to be implanted together with the main installation. When users forget to uncheck all unwanted installations by default this means their browser will keep redirecting via However, when they uninstall the original application, the redirect issue will remain.

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Delta Search Engine is a contemporary form of browser redirection. The problem of browser being redirected to other unwanted sites is not something new. This form of infections has been actively annoying computer users within the latest decade. It suddenly happens that Delta Search Engine search bar is somehow installed into the browser as a browser add-on. This might take place when users download some software that is bundled with the installer of redirector, or this even might take place without user’s approval or permission. Whatever the case might be, the very presence of this thing on your computer is indeed very annoying.

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How to remove redirect virus

This is another post on browser redirection issue. Today the story will be about redirector. Without a doubt, it is very annoying for all users to encounter this unexpected modification with their browser. The point is that in case this hijacker attacked your system all your search queries will be redirected via this site. And, by the way, in many of the cases the answers for the search queries will be totally different from what user expects.

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How to fix “open with…” problem after virus removal

Often users whose systems were once infected by malware and then successfully cleaned by some security software have a serious problem of running (launching) any applications. They simply cannot start any program, which is an exe-file. All their attempts to do it finish with appearance of a strange window that says about impossibility to open/launch this file. The message then recommends them to run this file through some other options or ways, which eventually aren’t good enough to open the desired application. This is surely a problem for many active computer users, since they simply cannot run their necessary software of any kind. The reason for “open with…” problem is the previous presence of virus on your system. Even though it was successfully removed by your preferred security software, the consequences of its presence on your machine haven’t been completely eliminated. This problem requires immediate fix, and we’ve elaborated simple and clear instructions to help our users fix this problem by following the below-mentioned manual steps:

Read more removal tool toolbar stands for certain particular adware tool that amends your browser homepage, as well as the default search engine, and thus it causes tremendous browser redirect issues. In the majority of the cases toolbar comes into your system after you decide to install some other applications that are bundled in their installers with this adware. This thing may have various names, such as Incredibar Essentials, Incredibar Games, Incredibar Music or Incredibar Community.

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Google redirect virus removal tool

Right now many users worldwide experience the major and quite a serious problem. This is the issue of their search engine requests being redirected to other annoying and unwanted sites, and this is surely a challenge for many security sites to assist users in elimination of the causes for such undesirable behavior of their PCs. It is worth mentioning that these problems occur in various parts of the world. Hackers today search for various ways how to make infected PCs obey them. So, they often invent various tricks and malicious applications that make contaminated machines obey their fraudulent and tricky instructions. This is in the majority of the cases caused by some nasty Trojan horse that plays the essential role in the browser redirection process.

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How to view (see) hidden files, folders and drives in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

The fact that your files, folders and drives are hidden does not necessarily mean that your computer is infected. Sometimes the hidden attribute is set to some important system files by default. However, very often the status of your data being hidden from you might be the cause of a serious malware that performed its job in doing this. This guide below explains how to remove the hidden attribute from your files, folders, and drives for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions.

Read more redirect problem. How to fix virus is a new search engine redirection virus that may attack PCs in various corners of the globe. Here is how we found out about this problem. Today we got an email from one of our customers who indicated that his PC is infected with certain Trojan that causes the serious problem of browser redirection on his infected computer. Thus, when he attempts to search for any information over the Internet, his search queries are automatically forwarded to the address “” (just as you see depicted at the screenshot). The ridiculous fact about this form of browser redirection is that this malicious search page imitates the color scheme of Google (to some extent, however). This doesn’t make “” a good search platform. Instead, what you have is a typical problem of browser (google) redirection. The solution for such cases is available, you simply need to carefully follow the removal guidelines to check and fix all issues that might be associated with this problem.

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Please be advised that stands for a really stubborn, persistent and disgusting hijacker of your browser that may target various PCs around the globe. Why is it so? Well, because it amends your search results to such an extent that you are being permanently rerouted to each time you search for some information via Google or Yahoo search platforms. It is also able to amend your browser’s predestined features irrespective of whether you use Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In the majority of the cases, it even modifies your preferred homepage.

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FBI virus and Metropolitan Police virus – the scariest malwares of 2012

Met Police virus

Much has been already written by us regarding these two ransomware applications – FBI Greendot MoneyPak scam and Metropolitan Police (Met Police) virus. Notwithstanding the above-said, it is never improper to tell more and more facts about these two malware twins, because many users all over the world are still being attacked with these infections. It is quite logical that FBI threat is spread more rapidly in the area of the United States of America, whereas the Metropolitan Police scam is predestined by hackers to attack the European region, primarily represented by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, other countries may also be attacked by these pests, this is why you should be in advance warned about these threats in order to have the proper weapon to resist them.

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How remove Trojan.Zeroaccess! rootkit (solution for 32-bit systems)

Today we posted the information about very serious malware that is very dangerous for your system and its security. It is called Trojan.Zeroaccess! rootkit (virus). Time has come for us to explain to you the basis milestones for its successful removal (elimination). However, please keep in mind that this solution only works for 32-bit systems. In our future articles we will enlighten the issues for removal of this nasty Trojan from other systems too.

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How to remove File Recovery virus

File Recovery stands for the extremely malicious and dangerous application. There were many similar programs before, such as Data Recovery, Smart HDD and many others. The list is quite long and there’s no great need to tell about all of them in details – because they share the same GUI. Their behavior is also the same, being directed at ruining the existing file settings. In fact, File Recovery scareware, contrary to its name, hides all your files, folders, pictures, programs and other important data. Users who have this malady on their PCs are surely disappointed once they catch this serious cyber disease. Nevertheless, all infections have certain remedies that can cure them, so we therefore publish this malware removal guide to assist you in removal of File Recovery malware.

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Welcome to NGINX – what does it mean?

If your computer is contaminated with so-called Nginx “infection” it is most evidently explained by certain malware persistency that results in redirection of your search queries to some particular web page that is down. Nginx, by the way, stands for the legit webserver tool. You may face its blank page in your web browser (whatever type of it you have). It is quite probable that virus makers received some funds to practice promoting certain web page by webmasters who didn’t realize in what ways this promotion would take place. So, they most probably turned down the web page in order to escape losing funds and causing damage to their personal credibility.

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General malware removal principles

So, here you are, staring at your home or business computer infected with certain unwanted application, malware or, to say shortly, by virus. Have you ever been in such situations? Surely you have, to this or other extent. There are certain virus removal principals which you must adhere to for successful restoration of your computer back to the status it had before the very virus attack occurred. This article is devoted to these general recommendations for our users when they face certain type of virus. Please read it carefully and try to follow these admonitions in times of problems with your computer.

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Data recovery and system restore tips

There is quite a rapidly increasing and highly threatening tendency of the cyber world today, which is in particular revealed in the problem of missing, hidden or sometimes even deleted data on the PC attacked with virus. The resolution of this problem, i.e. fixing it, is the number one item on today’s agenda of PC and software forums devoted to reinstating the normal functioning of computer systems. The problem we’re talking about has been on the lips of IT and security blogs and forums for ages, but it became especially of crucial importance over the past two years. Nowadays there are hundreds of fake system restore applications and data recovery programs claiming to be powerful solutions for your data repair needs. At the same time, the very word “fake” implies that they cannot actually accomplish what they do claim of themselves.

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