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  1. Dian Ivanov says:

    Google redirect virus is challenging to get rid of due to its capability to hide deep inside the operating system as well as its potential to eliminate traces and footprints on how it got inside the computer. As of nowadays, not a single security application in the industry can guarantee 100% protection from this infection. This explains, why your pc got infected even having a safety software installed.
    Some computer users know that Google redirect virus is just not a virus, but in fact a rootkit.

    Rootkit infections unlike other virus, spyware or trojan infections are really difficult to get rid of. In most cases, google redirect virus rootkit is seen related to Trojans which makes it a lot more deadly. In accordance with a 2011 report, Google redirect virus have currently infected 45,00,000 computers worldwide, out of which 1/3rd is from US.

    Some symptoms that you are having this virus on your PC:

    * Browsers freeze
    * Pages not loading at all
    * Google/Bing/Yahoo searches redirected to malicious site/s
    * Some programs won’t respond
    * Internet connection brakes itself
    * Terrible adds popping on visited webpage/s

    If you have these symptoms on your Computer, I suggest using safe and respected software program – Trojan Killer.

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