La policía cerró una de las mayores plataformas de operaciones ilegales Darknet: sus propietarios se desvanecieron con $30 millón de depósitos

las estructuras europeas policiales cerraron mercado subterráneo popular en Darknet, conocido como Mercado de Wall Street.

yots owners have stolen all the currency that was deposited by platform’s clients.

Wall Street was described as “el segundo mayor mercado de Internet del mundo oscuro, que permite el tráfico de drogas (incluyendo cocaína, heroína, cannabis y anfetaminas), datos robados, documentos falsos y software malicioso. The illegal platform was exclusively accessible via the Tor network in the so-called Darknet and aimed at international trade in criminal goods.

Curiosamente, the week before closing Mercado de Wall Street administration argued that “resource has certain issues with Bitcoin servers”. Since that moment clients lost access to their deposited finances. As on many similar platforms, payment for the pursuits was performed through deposits, where customers stored money and suppliers wrote them off after delivery of goods.

On platform’s deposits was stored about $30 millón of cryptocurrency that vanished now.

sin embargo, it left some traces while vanishing: visitors of forum traced bitcoins’ movement from Mercado de Wall Street and established that all these finances were transferred to the external wallet, next they were divided and transferred on new wallets (so called “transactions’ mixing”).

Exists likelihood that process will continue: tracing money transactions will be the more difficult if they will change greater number of wallets.

Wall Street Market Homepage
Wall Street Market Homepage

Adicionalmente, arrived information that Mercado de Wall Street “customers’ service” blackmails some clients, promising to submit information about them to law enforcement structures, if they will refuse to pay 0,05 Bitcoin.

It is no excluded that Wall Street Market creators are trying to protect themselves from persecution: police is actively investigating cases of illegal goods’ sales now. Since January 2019, FBI agents arrested 61 underground markets’ drug traffickers. This was a reason to close Dream Market that is one of the most popular drug markets in Darknet.

It is most likeable that majority of clients tried to transfer their operations on Mercado de Wall Street.

“Most possible that creators of the market decided that hiding and meanwhile “washing out” stolen cryptocurrency is easier than to deal with penitentiary system”, – considers Alexander Khamit, SEO Consult Services information security expert. Tracing bitcoins after transactions mixing is not easily, and with single-use wallets search for stolen money will be impossible”.

German police arrested three supposed creators and moderators of Mercado de Wall Street plataforma.

All suspects are German citizens aged between 22 y 31 años. For every deal, they received 6% of commission in cryptocurrency. Now they face up to 15 years in prison. During searches were found digital media with evidence. In investigation participated German, americano, Dutch law enforcement officers and European police agency (Europol).

Fate of the stole bitcoins is unclear.


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