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Cómo restaurar archivos desde una copia de seguridad en Windows 7/8/10

Recomendamos utilizar el modo seguro con símbolo del sistema para realizar con seguridad una recuperación de sus archivos. Tendrá que reiniciar el ordenador, así que es mejor guardar esta instrucción. 1. Reinicio de Windows del ordenador 7 usuarios: Es necesario reiniciar el sistema y antes de su carga presiona constantemente “F8” botón hasta que vea las opciones de arranque. ventanas 8/10 usuarios: presione el “Poder” …

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Cómo restaurar por defecto (fábrica) configuración de su ordenador

configuración predeterminada portátil

Many producers of PCs, laptops and netbooks install hidden folders with OS and initial settings, programs and drivers for restoration of system in case of crash. Unexperienced user can delete unnecessary system files, turn on wrong services, computer can be infected with viruses. Hidden folder can occupy about 10-15 Gb and is not visible in Windows Explorer. User can check

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Google redirect virus removal tool

Right now many users worldwide experience the major and quite a serious problem. This is the issue of their search engine requests being redirected to other annoying and unwanted sites, and this is surely a challenge for many security sites to assist users in elimination of the causes for such undesirable behavior of their PCs. It is worth mentioning that

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How to view (see) hidden files, folders and drives in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

The fact that your files, folders and drives are hidden does not necessarily mean that your computer is infected. Sometimes the hidden attribute is set to some important system files by default. sin embargo, very often the status of your data being hidden from you might be the cause of a serious malware that performed its job in doing this. Esta …

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