What is Sysprotector 4 program and how to remove it?

After the installation of fake antivirus Sysprotector 4 it generates fake “Blue screen of death” and provides user with a specific technical support number

Most users may consider Sysprotector 4 program as a legit antivirus from Microsoft that is called Microsoft Security Essentials, but it only pretends as legit software. In truth, this program may become the reason of a serious infection.

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What is suppteam01@india.com viral email and how to remove it?

The suppteam01@india.com is an email that spreads malicious files and programs among users. Cyber criminals are using a lot of different emails every day, suppteam01@india.com is just one of them. This removal guide will explain to you why it is so dangerous and how to deal with this problem as soon as possible.

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Flyper ransomware, decryption tool and detailed information

About Flyper ransomware

Flyper is another ransomware type of virus that encrypts your files and then demands the release fee to get them back. This ransomware changes the names of encrypted files during the process of encryption, by adding .flyper extension to them. And after successful encryption of files, Flyper will create a file on your desktop with name instruction.txt, it will contain an information you need to pay the ransom. Fortunately, you don’t need that. Michael Gillespie on twitter developed a decryption tool(>>Click< <).

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Nullbyte ransomware, fake NecroBot for PokemonGO

About Nullbyte Ransomware

The Nullbyte Ransomware virus is more advanced versions of DetoxCrypto Ransomware that uses the population of already World Wide known game – PokemonGO. After a while many hackers have written a lot of bots and hacks for this game, one of the most popular among them is NecroBot. Nullbyte Ransomware is disguising itself as this program to get inside of a system. This is the reason why this ransomware virus can be very dangerous for lots of people.

Nullbyte Ransomware

This ransomware is spreading as a Github project and poses itself as a rebuild version of a NecroBot application. By doing that, cybercriminals are trying to fool users into the download of this fake bot.

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About FairWare ransomware

FairWare ransomware is a new ransomware which aims at Linux users running websites or, in other words – Linux web servers. This ransomware would delete various data folders and create a ransom note in the /root folder stating that the files were encrypted and that a victim needs to pay two bitcoins to get them back. In addition to this, these hackers threaten to leak the data. Every user should know more about such virus attack, because you never know who will be the next target. So follow this article and find out how this virus spread on the Internet and hot to prevent infection with this virus.

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What is NoobCrypt ransomware and how to encrypt it

NoobCrypt is ransomware that can easily get on system and lock down many (or even all) important file from you. This ransomware calls you a noob if you input a wrong decryption key. NoobCrypt is ransomware that stealthily infiltrates systems and encrypts files using asymmetric cryptography. After successful encryption, NoobCrypt creates an image file containing a ransom-demand message. The message informs users of the encryption and demands a ransom payment. Public (encryption) and private (decryption) keys are generated during encryption. It is stated that the private key is stored on remote servers controlled by the developers. Decryption without the private key is impossible and cyber criminals attempt to sell this key to users. The cost of the key is $299 and must be paid within 48 hours, or decryption becomes impossible. Infected users are instructed to pay the ransom in Bitcoins – this allows cyber criminals to remain anonymous. It is also stated that a number of files will be deleted every two hours, that’s why many users afraid for their data and pay for the key. Research shows, however, that details regarding encryption are false. Security researchers has discovered a hard-coded key (“ZdZ8EcvP95ki6NWR2j” or “RedStarPenis”), which users can use to decrypt their files free of charge.

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Cerber virus: How to defend PC

Cerber Ransomware

What is Cerber Ransomware?

Today Cerber Ransomware is a big problem. The malicious program may attack your PC suddenly. It will lock your personal computer and deny access to your own photos, documents and other important files. You need to take measures to defend your system from it.

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Ransomware virus: How to protect your PC from ransomware

Today, many users face ransomware. No matter when country you live, the malware may attack your web browser suddenly. Thus, when active users surfer on the Web, their internet browser may be blocked with US Government Firewall Virus, “Your browser has been locked” or other ransomware. The brand new scam created by swindlers to trick you.

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Remove black.exe (Sweep Clean PC Pro virus)

In case you open Task Manager and see black.exe as a running process this means your PC is infected ransomware called Sweep Clean PC Pro. This is a potentially unwanted program which is actively circulating in the web. Sometimes users may install it as a result of their failure to be attentive when dealing with cost-free software.

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Вірус кіберполіція – як видалити?

ua-police.top scam

Сьогодні в мережі Інтернет поширюється вірус, який блокує доступ до Вашого браузера через його вразливість внаслідок перенаправлення на певний інфікований ресурс в мережі. В Україні користувачі можуть як наслідок побачити фіктівне повідомлення, оформлене начебто у вигляді попередження від Кіберполіції України. На жаль, Україна теж не є виключенням, коли ми розглядаємо питання кіберзлочинності.

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Браузер заблокирован МВД РБ. Как снять блокировку

Браузер заблокирован МВД РБ

В настоящее время сеть Интернет подвергается атакам серьезного вируса. Эта вредоносная программа может с легкостью заблокировать ваш браузер. К сожалению, пользователи Республики Беларусь испытали на себе неудобства, которые может причинить данный вирус. Наше руководство на русском языке поможет справиться с проблемой блокировки вашего браузера.

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TeslaCrypt Ransomware virus targets gamers from all over the world

A new TesleCrypt ransomware virus spread on the internet targeting gamers and their files along with other important documents

Firstly discover in February 2015, TeslaCrypt ransomware is now spreading across the internet. It`s different from a typical ransomware virus because of the way it picks its targets. Most ransomware encrypts information like video files, music, text files, program databases or images. But TeslaCrypt infects mostly gamers and encrypts save-files, profiles, launchers and other important files. A real disaster for all gamers out there. Right now there are more than 45 video games that are targeted by TeslaCrypt, among them, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Minecraft, StarCraft, World of Tanks. Also, it infects popular gaming platforms like Steam.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware

All video games related files will be encrypted once TeslaCrypt virus is installed. But another important detail is that after that, this ransomware will demand a release fee in the amount of $500(more of less). This ransom fee should be paid through PayPal system or by using Bitcoins. For PayPal, it may be a doubled amount of money for a release due to its risk factors. This is one of the first ransomware viruses that are using cryptocurrency today.

TeslaCrypt infects the computer and after the encrypting process it will change some of your computer settings to show you the message. This virus will alter your desktop background and open files with names “_how_recover_.HTML”, “_how_recover_.TXT”, or HELP_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.txt , or Howto_Restore_FILES.BMP, a lot of different possibilities. These files will be copied in all possible folders of your system and contain the same message, that your computer is infected and encrypted and you need to purchase a decryption key.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware

UPDATE 18 May 2016: TesleCrypt ransomware developers have closed their project and released a master decription key that can be used to decrypt all files for free, without any payments.

TeslaCrypt master key

How to prevent the TeslaCrypt infection?

The best way to protect your computer from infection is to avoid this infection at any cost. We are glad to annonce that our anti-ransomware product is now ready for a beta release! GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware beta was developed to protect your computer from cyptoviruses. Try this program, it may save your computer from possible future infication. Help us make GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware better by leaving your feedback! To install this program follow next steps: