Com escopo de armazenamento não irá proteger Android Q

Devido à falta de tempo, Google teve de recusar desde a idéia de realização de um dos principais mecanismos de segurança na próxima versão Android.

This refused security mechanism is Scoped Storage function that changes principle of cooperation with file system. It appeared in second Android Q beta-version.

With to Scoped Storage every application will be allocated its own space in the storage without access to the rest of the memory. Nesse caminho, for recording files they will not have to ask for special permission and have no access to data of other software.

Apesar Scoped Storage function allows substantially rise safety of mobile devices, it will not be present in final version of Q Android.

We expect that Scoped Storage should have minimal impact to apps following current storage best practices. Contudo, we also heard from you that Scoped Storage can be an elaborate change for some apps and you could use more time to assess the impact. Being developers ourselves, we understand you may need some additional time to ensure your app’s compatibility with this change. We want to help”, — wrote team of Android developers in their blog.

Currently the overwhelming majority of applications does not support new mechanism, and for their protection, Google realized compatibility mode. It switches off limitations on storing in Scoped Storage in software that was installed prior to second Android Q beta-version, and in programs, created for Android 9+.

Contudo, after deletion and reinstalling of these applications, compatibility mode switches off and they stop working.

Prior to release of Q Android final version developers will not have time to make their products compatible with Scoped Storage. Trying to avoid issues with non-working applications, Google decided to postpone function realization. Manufacturer will call developers to add compatibility before Android R liberação.


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