How to view (see) hidden files, folders and drives in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

The fact that your files, folders and drives are hidden does not necessarily mean that your computer is infected. Sometimes the hidden attribute is set to some important system files by default. derimot, very often the status of your data being hidden from you might be the cause of a serious malware that performed its job in doing this. This guide below explains how to remove the hidden attribute from your files, mapper, and drives for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions.

How to view (see) hidden files, folders and drives in Windows XP:

  1. åpen “My Computer“, Klikk “Verktøyand selectFolder options“.
  2. Folder options in Windows XP

  3. Klikk “Viewtab and selectShow hidden files and folders
  4. Show hidden files and folders

  5. Klikk “Søke om” Og “OK“.

How to view (see) hidden files, folders and drives in Windows Vista (Seven):

  1. Klikk “Organize“, then chooseFolder and search options“.
  2. Folder and search option in Windows Vista/7

  3. Klikk “View“, velg “Show hidden files, folders and drives“.
  4. Show hidden files, folders and drives

  5. Klikk “Søke om” Og “OK“.

Alternativt, you may also perform a sequence of commands as described below (for all Windows versions):

  1. Klikk “Startand selectLøpe“. Or use Win + R hotkey command as described above. In the window that appeared typecmdand pressEnter“.
  2. Run "cmd" command

  3. du vil se “cmd.execommand. Enter the following command attrib -h /s /d and pressEnter“.

 attrib -h /s /d

What to do if the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work?

Please run these two additional utilities developed by GridinSoft LLC that are free of charge:

  • Download and run GridinSoft Unhider
  • Download and run GridinSoft Restore
  • Restart your computer.
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