Windows Optimization &; 安全骗局. How to get rid of Windows Optimization &; 安全假的防病毒

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注意!!! Windows Optimization &; 安全 is a new malware on the worldwide arena of viruses. This badware has just been developed by hackers and frauds. Please know that this tool is the one that is by all means very severe and pushy nowadays in targeting so many PCs. 所以, 什么 Windows Optimization &; 安全 in details?

Windows Optimization & Security fake
Windows 优化及安全流氓

顺便一提, it should be noted that Windows Optimization &; Security is a clone of Windows系统Optimizator, malware of which we wrote in one of our previous releases. Once it comes to your system it will show a notice that your system is under serious threat risk. Just as many other scams, Windows Optimization &; Security malware was invented for the only goal, i. e. to snatch money from unaware users, 因此, in addition to scam notifications, 注册“完全”或“授权”的版本,它会为您提供. 与此同时, you should know and be sure that Windows Optimization &; Security is the tool that you definitely should stay away from. 因此, 如果你看到它出现在您的系统上, make sure to remove it at once. And you should not delay with this, otherwise Windows Optimization &; Security can represent considerable threat to your PC and may seize your important private data.

The methods for penetration of Windows Optimization &; Security virus into PCs are also quite predictable. Its infiltration is generally caused by trojans and browser-hijacking techniques that form the runway for Windows Optimization &; Security unauthorized upload. It should be noted that Windows Optimization &; Security virus doesn’t need any permission or consent on users’ part. This junk tool upon being installed into the system modifies crucial settings in such a way that it will be launched together with every Windows logon. The additional ways for infiltration are represented by all sorts of alerts and running fake system scanners telling you of the above-stated problems. It is not a coincidence that this virus tends to be the cause of various redirects to many unsecure web pages.

It really makes no difference at all which version of Windows Optimization &; Security malware your PC might be attacked with. The results will always be the same – you will see plenty of warnings telling about the viruses that were created by it. 与此同时, the pure truth is that they may be good system and legitimate files of your PC that are needed for normal PC functioning. You should realize that you definitely don’t need Windows Optimization &; Security because it is just another scam that simply tries to fool and to scare you that your PC is being attacked. Its final aim is to make you pay for it. This is the only thing it wants from you – your money. It cannot offer you neither PC optimization nor security. 因此, make sure to remove Windows Optimization &; Security immediately, 不等待太久.

Windows Optimization &; Security automatic remover:

警告!!! Windows Optimization &; Security virus may block the main executable file of GridinSoft Trojan Killer (trojankiller.exe) 从发射. 通常它位于以下路径: (c:\程序文件 GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手). "C" 代表计算机的系统磁盘. 系统磁盘的名称, 然而, 可以用其他字母标记. 为了防止堵塞,请重命名的EXE文件GridinSoft木马克星 trojankiller.exeexplorer.exe . 之后请点击explorer.exe和您的PC上运行木马克星.

Windows Optimization &; Security manual removal guide:

Delete Windows Optimization &; Security files:
%AppData% [随机]..exe
Delete Windows Optimization &; Security registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell “%AppData%\[随机]..exe"

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