SystemKeeperPro 清除指令

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就像 高级的文件优化程序我更快的 PC, SystemKeeperPro 看起来像有用的合法程序什么帮助用户优化自己的电脑. 开发人员根据此程序可以检测和清除垃圾, 或在计算机上修复不同错误. 但是如果你近距离看你会发现这个程序不是那么好. Such app classified as rogues and potentially unwanted program what often install stealthily on the user’;s computer.

删除 SystemKeeperPro

SystemKeeperPro can be installed with other free program what you get from the Internet or if you infect with another virus. Never skip the installation process of free apps, or you will definitely find that a lot more programs was installed. Look at “;Advanced”; option and cancel unwanted installation, this simple step will protect you from virus attack in the future.

SystemKeeperPro successfully installed on your computer, it will display fake scan process with a fake result. This program will always detect something to remove or fix on your computer even if your computer absolutely clean. All such programs ask for an activation if user what to use it, and of course all this program is a scam what just stealing money of users. Often after user didn’;t get the activation key and just spend their money for nothing. We highly recommend to ignore any notifications from SystemKeeperPro and remove it from your computer as fast as you can.

什么是的PUP? PUP代表潜在有害程序. 这类病毒从平均病毒的不同,因为用户经常自行安装它. Often, 如果用户跳过安装过程, 他也错过了一些额外的程序可以通过程序进行安装. Such virus often infects the user’;s 计算机与广告软件, 什么病毒会显示横幅, 优惠券和弹出窗口每一次用户浩互联网. 这样的在线广告将显示不同的非常有趣的报价, 所以用户点击它和病毒的创造者得到他们的付费点击收入. 如果您发现您的计算机上PUP准备好您的系统可以被感染 2 同时或多个病毒. 这种类型的病毒是非常危险的,因为它可以在没有任何通知安装许多附加程序. 如果您发现您的计算机上这种病毒, 那么我们强烈建议遵循以下指导,完全移除. 你应该尽可能快做尽可能病毒破坏你的电脑前,!

SystemKeeperPro automatic removal tool:

SystemKeeperPro removal steps:

  • Download GridinSoft Anti-Malware and scan your computer with it.
  • Click on “;应用; 去除扫描后,发现所有的感染已完成:
  • 由GridinSoft反恶意软件应用行动

  • 关闭所有可用的浏览器.
  • In GridinSoft Anti-Malware click on “;工具; and then on “;重置浏览器设置;:
  • 内置GridinSoft反恶意软件的实用程序重置浏览器设置

  • 按照说明, 选择浏览器,你需要重新设置, and click on “;复位; 按钮. 最后, 重新启动计算机以应用所做的更改:
  • 选项​​用来重置与GridinSoft反恶意软件的浏览器

Video explaining how to reset your browser using GridinSoft Anti-Malware:

How to prevent your PC from being reinfected with SystemKeeperPro in the future.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers excellent solution which may help to prevent your system from being contaminated with malware ahead of time. This feature is referred to as “;Real-Time Protection”;. 默认情况下, 一旦你安装的软件被禁用. 要启用它, please click on “;保护; button and press “;开始; 这表现在下面:


此选项可帮助您阻止执行恶意程序,避免提前它们的安装. 当某些恶意软件试图将自身安装到你的系统, GridinSoft Anti-Malware and its Real-Time Protection module will terminate this installation attempt ahead of time. You may click on “;确认; 按钮继续阻止该恶意程序, or to select “;忽略这个文件; 并允许恶意应用程序将要安装 (需要您自担风险):


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