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Junglekey.de 是一个危险的 web 站点的影响是在您的互联网浏览器内清晰可见. 这个浏览器劫持者可以更改您的浏览器设置以可能的方式.Junglekey.de 执行任务甚至未经个人计算机的用户.


Junglekey.de claims that it gives you a better search.The challenge is how to get more profit online. 因此, sometimes you may find that the search results for this questionable program have nothing to do with your search queries.
在大多数情况下, your search often leads to sponsored links and unknown web sites. 以这种方式, cyber crook will be able to widely promote a range of products online.Once Junglekey.de becomes your default home page and a new tab, you may encounter unwanted browser redirects.This can further spoil your online surfing and overall performance of your computer.

This hijacker browser is a threat to your system.
Junglekey.de may seem like a safe search engine,but it’;s not true. This malware serves as a tracking tool. It collects all the data about your online viewing. This allows scammers to steal all the details without any problems.You must take steps to get rid of the Junglekey.de virus as soon as possible.
如果你不按时删除劫机者, Junglekey.de will take a lot of resources. The worst part is that this Junglekey.de virus is able to keep track of your browsing habits. This allows scammers to steal your personal information without any problems.
因此, we strongly recommend that you remove it as soon as possible from your computer.

Junglekey.de hijacker removal guide

第一步. Remove Junglekey.de page from the browser

首先, Junglekey.de 浏览器劫持者吗?, 像其他许多人一样. 所以, 这里是删除它们从浏览器并取回您的主页和搜索引擎的简单方法. 你只需要重置您的浏览器设置. 做到这一点的就自动和免费, 您可以使用 重置浏览器设置工具 从 GridinSoft:

  1. 重置浏览器设置是一种工具, 包括到复杂的反恶意软件程序. 所以, 首先, 您需要下载并安装GridinSoft反恶意软件 (在这里或从 产品页):
  2. 打开该 工具 在顶部的菜单中的选项卡. 从列表中选择重置浏览器设置工具:
  3. 选择重置浏览器设置工具
    GridinSoft 的反恶意软件工具选项卡

  4. 选择浏览器, which is infected by Junglekey.de, 和选项, 你需要重置, 去做就行! (请, be aware, 此过程将关闭所选浏览器的所有实例, and save your work in them before clicking on the “;Reset”; 按钮):
  5. Choose your browser & 单击复位

  6. 当完成这一过程, you’;我看到这种画面. It means, that your browser settings are default now and Junglekey.de has been removed from your browser:
  7. 您的浏览器是干净的!


但!! 不幸, it doesn’;t mean that Junglekey.de hasn’;t 直接在您的系统中安装了一些恶意的软件. 所以, 我们强烈建议每个用户, 谁有同样的问题, 浏览器,重置后扫描他的电脑,并确保, PC 是干净和安全.

步骤 2. Remove Junglekey.de traces from the system

  1. 回到 GridinSoft 的反恶意软件的主屏幕,然后选择扫描类型:
  2. Choose "Full Scan"
    GridinSoft 的反恶意软件扫描类型

  3. 扫描您的计算机系统:
  4. 请等到扫描已完成

  5. 在扫描完成后, 您将看到您的 PC 上是否有任何广告软件. Remove the detected items by clicking on the “;Apply”; 按钮:
  6. 移动检测到的项目到隔离区
    GridinSoft 的反恶意软件扫描结果

  7. 最后, this window is a proof of your system’;s 绝对清洁. You removed Junglekey.de!
  8. GridinSoft 的反恶意软件删除过程
    删除过程完成. 您的系统是干净!

如何从系统中删除 Betternewtabsearch.com 的视频指南:

How to prevent your PC from being reinfected with Junglekey.de in the future.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware 提供优秀的解决方案,这可能有助于防止您的系统时间的恶意软件的污染. This feature is referred to as “;On-Run Protection”;. 默认情况下, 一旦你安装的软件被禁用. 要启用它, please click on “;保护; button and press “;开始; 这表现在下面:

有用和有趣的功能,可以让人们以防止安装恶意软件. It means, 当你将尝试安装一些可疑文件, 在运行保护会阻止此安装尝试提前. NOTE! 如果用户想允许要安装的危险程序, 他们可以选择“忽略此文件”按钮. 以防万一, 如果你想终止恶意程序, 您必须选择“确认”.

GridinSoft 上运行保护

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