Windows 遙測中心騙局刪除視頻

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如果你注意到 視窗遙測中心 virus in front of your screen surely it’s time for actions instead of tolerating this junkware. In the majority of cases this rogue security application does not block your attempts to remove it. 因此, it is not as difficult to get rid of this scareware, if only the anti-virus database of your security software is duly updated. 我們建議您下載, 安裝, update and launch GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the powerful weapon that can neutralize the world’s most serious cyber threats, including this pest. If you have any problems deleting this rogueware please make sure to contact us for further assistance. 此外, keep visiting this site to be further updated on the world’s recent security threats. Make sure to run the scan with Trojan Killer on a permanent basis, regularly, in order to detect and kill the threats that are available on your system. 最後, if these guidelines were helpful please share this information with other users who might have the same problem.

WindowsTelemetry Center.GUI
WindowsTelemetry 中心

Windows Telemetry Center automatic remover:

Windows Telemetry Center files added:
%appdata% n npswf32. dll
%appdata% 督察-[rnd]..exe
%desktopdir%\Windows Telemetry Center.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Telemetry Center.lnk
Windows Telemetry Centerregistry entries:
HKCU 軟體 微軟 視窗 CurrentVersion 運行!檢查

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