How can I delete Windows Armour Master virus from the system?

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If you are looking for the information about this virus, how to detect and destroy it, you should read the article you need. Windows Armour Master virus is new enough and we will try to give you all necessary information you need to know about the malware. As every single virus this one will tell you false facts about your computer. It will try to convince you that your PC works badly, you have a lot of troubles with the system files and about your bad security level. You will receive numerous messages about errors inside of your PC. All these methods are not so new to us and maybe to you too. Nowadays there are a lot of groups of spywares that have almost the same way of attacking your systems. And none of them will ask your permission or approval for installation.

Windows Armour Master
Windows Armour Master

As soon as Windows Armour Master is in your system you will receive all above-mentioned messages on your screen. This is the standard procedure of the virus, to give you as many false information as you need to think about your present “;not very good”; antivirus if you have one. Any way it will try to force you to pay for its own products. Just be sure that program would do no good for your machine and for your wallet. It won’;t fix or delete any problems of yours, if there any at all.

The only thing you should do when you find out about the Windows Armour Master is to remove it from your PC immediately. If you do not know how to do it, we prepare for you our high-quality and reliable products. Of course a lot of you will say that there are no programs that can be count on. Not all of them; we always help our clients to have their PC clean from the viruses. If you still have some doubts, below you can watch our video guide about the removal this malware from your system.

Before downloading and running GridinSoft Trojan Killer for removal of Windows Armour Master virus several additional preparatory steps need to be done. This is required because Windows Armour Master blocks your Internet connection, 你將無法啟動 GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手. 為了防止這種堵塞, 請採取以下步驟:
1. 確保您的作業系統在這樣的模式下進行了調整, 即您的 PC 的隱藏檔和資料夾是可查看的. 如何做它的指示可以被發現 這裡 對於 Windows XP 和 這裡 對於 Windows Vista/7.
2. Choose “;View”; 在視窗中出現的選項卡, and in the advanced settings choose the option “;Show hidden files and folders”;. 按 OK.
3. 轉到資料夾 %使用者 Profile% 應用程式資料 Microsoft.

重要! 根據電腦的作業系統, %UserProfile% 代表 c:\文檔和設置 [當前使用者] 對於 Windows XP 和 c:\使用者[當前使用者] 對於 Windows Vista/7.

換言之, 應打開的資料夾如下, 根據作業系統:
%SysDrive%Documents 和設置[當前使用者]應用程式資料 Microsoft Windows XP
%SysDrive%Users[當前使用者]應用程式資料 Microsoft 視窗 Vista/7.

In this folder there will be the main executable file of Windows Armour Master virus (可能與 * avi 檔的圖示), 有一些隨機的名稱.
4. 將 above-mentioned 可執行檔重命名為您選擇的其他名稱並重新啟動電腦. Upon the system restart Windows Armour Master will no longer block your Internet browser.
5. 下載最新版本的 GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手到您感染的電腦, 安裝並運行它.

刪除的程式 Windows Armour Master is similar to the removal of 視窗補救 病毒如下面的視頻所示:

Windows Armour Master virus manual uninstall guide:

Delete Windows Armour Master virus files:
%AppData% 微軟 [隨機]..exe
Delete Windows Armour Master virus registry entries:
HKCU 軟體 微軟 Windows NT n CurrentVersion Winlogon Shell "%AppData% 微軟 [隨機]..exe"

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