www.techprotectorltd.com – malicious site

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The site www.techprotectorltd.com is a malicious domain related to a new malware program called Antivirus Security Pro. We created a specific article about its removal yesterday. Right now it’s time to let you know about this dangerous site which obviously presents many false ideas about this program called Antivirus Security Pro. You need to understand that the information contained at this site is absolutely faulty and has nothing to do with the real security for your system.


www.techprotectorltd.com site, of course, tell that Antivirus Security Pro is some great antispyware tool. This is done in order to make users buy its so-called license, which in reality is not even able at all to identify or remove real security threats. Trusting this program and this site is a serious mistake, of course. You should never invest money into the program which is absolutely useless, and this is the exact story about Antivirus Security Pro.

If your computer got attacked by Antivirus Security Pro rogue and you’re looking for ways of its successful removal we then strongly recommend that you follow the instructions set forth below.

Antivirus Security Pro removal instructions:


Software necessary for complete removal of Antivirus Security Pro rogue:

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  1. purchased last e need a link to download propgram againvening but could not install and lost program; paid via visa card which went through but can’t find program any more to reinstall.

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