www.tech-ava-soft.org – dangerous site associated with AVASoft Professional Antivirus

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It has been recently noticed by us that AVASoft Professional Antivirus fake anti-spyware has its own site that is meant to promote this rogue among potential victims online. We don’t really know why the online frauds, the authors of this hoax, have decided to run this specific site. We might guess, however. Probably this was done intentionally for the purpose of “whitelisting” this rogue in the eyes of users. This is a sort of attempt to make users think that this program is decent. Yet, establishing the site that is somehow connected to this rogue doesn’t make any good software out of the rogue. The rogue remains the same rogue according to this very definition, no matter how nice its outward garments are. What we mean by “garments” is this very site, as well as some words of appraisal with regard to this fake AV as placed on this fraudulent site http://www.tech-ava-soft.org. This doesn’t improve the program. It remains the same malware it would be if there was no any site associated with it.


If your system got somehow attacked by AVASoft Professional Antivirus you need to know the whole truth about it. First, this program enters computers without consideration of user’s opinion. The installation of it is carried out in a secret manner. The malware modifies your system parameters to such an extent that make it possible for the hoax to be self-started each time you turn the computer on. So, it begins scanning of your machine in the beginning of your work with the computer. The word “scanning” in this case should be placed inside of the quotation marks, because obviously this is not a real scanning at all. In fact, the scan reports presented by this malware are also fake. The threat reports are invented, just as the threats themselves. The program plans to trick users into buying the so-called license of it, which in reality is good for nothing. So, we hope that you’ll never commit such a serious mistake in your life.

http://www.tech-ava-soft.org is therefore a dangerous site, since it contains a direct link for the purchase page of the rogue security software called AVASoft Professional Antivirus. Ignore this site and stay away from it. If your system got attacked by this malware, please follow the guidelines below that will explain how to get rid of this scam effectively.

Detailed AVASoft Professional Antivirus removal guide:


Recommended software for AVASoft Professional Antivirus removal:

AVASoft Professional Antivirus removal video guide:

Solution to stop AVASoft Professional Antivirus:

  • Use “Win + E” hotkey command on your keyboard. This will open Windows Explorer.
  • In the address field insert the following link: http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/KillProc.zip
  • Save this KillProc.zip file onto your Desktop.
  • Hold “Shift” key on your keyboard and right-click KillProc.zip
  • Select “Open with…
  • Open with...

  • In the windows that comes up select “Browse
  • Browse

  • Find the program called Windows Explorer as the one that will open this KillProc.zip archive. The location for this program is C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
  • explorer.exe

  • Click “Open“.
  • In the “Open with…” window select “Windows Explorer” and click “OK“.
  • Windows Explorer

  • Open KillProc archive and copy 2 files onto your Desktop – autoscan.dat and iExPlOrE.exe
  • KillProc folder contents

  • Run iExPlOrE.exe
  • Click “Automatic Scan
  • Automatic scan

  • The following message should come up, you need to click “Yes“.
  • Kill AVASoft Antivirus

  • The process of AVASoft Professional Antivirus should be killed.
  • Now it’s time to download and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove AVASoft Professional Antivirus malware.
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