Worm.Dorkbot attacks Skype these days. Beware!

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Skype these days is being massively attacked by a serious malware called Worm.Dorkbot. So, this virus gets spread via infected Skype acount and sends malicious links to all those who are in the Contacts of the attacked account. Clicking the links leads to Worm.Dorkbot infection, if executed. So, please do not click such dangerous links and do not launch any files that might be produced after clicking such dangerous links. Worm.Dorkbot uses rootkit methods to hide itself. It can’t be noticed in the file system or in the registry with regular malware removal tools. Use GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove this infection from your computer.

So, actually the very Skype account contains the following tricky phrases with followed links:

  • privet eto vasha novaya kartina profil?
  • hello is this your new profile picture?

Please never click such dangerous links. Instead, scan your system with reliable security software. We recommend you to try GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose.

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