WinMaximizer fake system optimizer removal tips.

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WinMaximizer is a new IT infection. it can be categorized as fake system optimizer. It tends to trick the potential victims into believing their computers are under severe virus attacks and they allegedly require immediate help. The malware does not ask any permission to enter into the computer. WinMaximizer gets the targeted PC with the help of Trojans or via some other security vulnerabilities. It is possible to catch the parasite by entering different unsafe links. One should not download any information from suspicious recourses, because WinMaximizer has prepared baits everywhere in the Web. WinMaximizer developers want to get money in easy unfair way.


Upon successful installation it starts to imitate fake system checkup and generates pre-programmed reports. WinMaximizer states to detect system errors, registry errors and multiple potentially insecure objects inside the compromised system.


It promises to eliminate all identified problems. If one click “remove the threats button”, it automatically asks you to pay 10 USD for its full version. Trojan Killer anti-malware Lab has arranged detailed analyses of this software. It has launched this fake program many times and got deplorable results, it has found almost four hundreds items on clean test machine. It is absolutely useless app, which cannot render any good service regards viruses detecting and their removal. Either demo version or full is scam. You need to ignore all offers it displays. If you have already effected the payment , dispute your charges immediatelly. The good thing regards this scam is that it can be removed without any problems. Go to startup Menu, find the uninstall option and follow all uninstalling recommendations. Upon successful unistalling, we would recommend you to check your system for other malicious representatives with the help of Gridinsoft Trojan Killer. It is the real expert in malware removing.

WinMaximizer automatic remover:

Delete WinMaximizer files:


HKLM\SOFTWARE\Common Toolkit Suite

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4 thoughts on “WinMaximizer fake system optimizer removal tips.

  1. Thanks a million. It worked to tee. I couldn’t get online so I had to download the spyware doctor onto a flash drive from another computer to get started, and just followed your instructions. Thanks again.

  2. Top man. Thanks, killed the system tool maleware. Like to go to the originators house and put a physical virus on his/hers computer. Thank you for all your technical help and guidence.

  3. I followed all the steps and BINGO! that “system tool” is gone! You saved my day. You saved my MIND!

  4. Thanks for the help, it was invaluable. Wasted about an hour or so running a full scan, without updating, then finally updated and did quick scan, but rebooted without taking out the file folders and the regkey. Followed your instructions again to the T and got rid of it. No idea where I picked it up…twitter? Anyway I’m back on track again. Thanks and mahalo!

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