WinMaximizer fake system optimizer removal tips.

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  1. WinMaximizer says:

    Thanks a million. It worked to tee. I couldn’t get online so I had to download the spyware doctor onto a flash drive from another computer to get started, and just followed your instructions. Thanks again.

  2. WinMaximizer says:

    Top man. Thanks, killed the system tool maleware. Like to go to the originators house and put a physical virus on his/hers computer. Thank you for all your technical help and guidence.

  3. WinMaximizer says:

    I followed all the steps and BINGO! that “system tool” is gone! You saved my day. You saved my MIND!

  4. WinMaximizer says:

    Thanks for the help, it was invaluable. Wasted about an hour or so running a full scan, without updating, then finally updated and did quick scan, but rebooted without taking out the file folders and the regkey. Followed your instructions again to the T and got rid of it. No idea where I picked it up…twitter? Anyway I’m back on track again. Thanks and mahalo!

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