Windows Warding Module virus (removal instructions)

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Windows Warding Module isn’t the application that you should choose for your security. By the way, you may notice that it doesn’t ask for your permission to come into your system. Its enter into your workstation is concealed from your sight and attention. Hence, this all gives us all the grounds to tell that this program doesn’t use fair methods of coming into your PC. Thus, the only right solution is to uninstall it at once, even though you might experience some problems when doing this.

Windows Warding Module

Windows Warding Module blocks launching of many legitimate security applications. For example, when you decide to download some security software to remove it, or to run available security software, you might experience the difficulty doing so. The virus will blocks such attempts of yours, hence, you will indeed face the issues of deleting it. In fact, it also blocks the entire Desktop, until you perform some manipulations explained below.

In addition to the above-said, Windows Warding Module runs the multitude of bogus scans of your PC and then reports many fake threats. Needless to mention, such information must not be considered by you as real or fair. The plot of the hoax is to make you buy it, even though this is surely the wrong investment of your funds! Paying money for the registration key of Windows Warding Module is the total waste of it. Never obey the malicious instructions of the crooks, and if you have already mistakenly purchased this scam, please dispute the charges immediately via your good bank by telling that the program you’ve purchased is a virus. Finally, to remove Windows Warding Module scam, please refer to the simple removal article below.

Windows Warding Module automatic remover:

Windows Warding Module removal steps:

  1. Wait until Windows Warding Module completes its bogus scan. To remove the blockage of your Desktop with this rogue click “Settings” and place a checkmark on “Allow unprotected startup“:
  2. Allow unprotected startup

  3. Shut down the window of Windows Warding Module rogue antivirus and ignore all its pop-up windows, like this one:
  4. Unprotected startup is unsafe for your private data

  5. Click “OK“.
  6. Open cmd.exe command ad explained below – Start – All programs – Accessories – Commant Prompt:
  7. cmd.exe command in Windows X

  8. Note that you should open cmd.exe command as Administrator in Windows by right-clicking “cmd.exe” and selecting such option.
  9. Type this command in cmd.exe opened as Administrator – taskkill /IM guard* and press “Enter“:
  10. taskkill command to kill Windows Warding Module

  11. You will get the confirmation of Windows Warding Module process terminated successfully:
  12. Windows Warding Module process terminated

  13. Now download Trojan Killer, install it and run scan with it. Click “Apply” at the end of scan.
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