Windows Trouble Taker automatic and manual removal solutions.

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Windows Trouble Taker trojan claims to be a legal security software, design to help people to cope with wide-spread computer infections. But this claim do not coincide with reality. We have tested this product and got rather shoking results. It masks like a decent device, but indeed this program conceals quite different objective. The cyber crooks that have created this bogus product pursue the aim to enrich themselves on innocent Internet surfers. They have taken this issue seriously. The well-thought-out plan of attacking the PCswas prepared which is supposed to be convincing enough for users to get deceived. Before this phony utility actually finds itself on your machine, a victim usually gets notification stating that an unknown Trojan was detected inside your system. Then, in order to allegedly eliminate the detected threat the software of doubtfull trustworthiness recommends you install the commercial version of the software which is able to help you quickly and sufficiently. If the potential victim takes this information in all good faith and clicks OK the virus infiltrates inside the machine and commences its harmful activity. Windows Trouble Taker admittedly reports the threats you do not have for real. In addition, the fraud program assures your system has some errors and other suchlike problems that need to be neutralized at once. Do not take this information seriously. It is outrageous lie counted on gullible PC owners.


Right now we hope you probably came to the conclusion that this program is not worth keeping and you should not endure it inside of your PC. Hence, get rid of this problem now as shown in the recommendations below.

Windows Trouble Taker automatic remover:

Windows Trouble Taker removal sequence of steps:

  1. Through your browser window download Process Killer application (pkiller.exe). The download link is
  2. Save “pkiller.exe” to your Desktop and run it or run this program immediately.
  3. Once the malicious process of Windows No-Risk Agent has been disabled (terminated) shut down “pkiller.exe” (Process Killer).
  4. Through your browser window download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  5. Install, update and run anti-virus software (Trojan Killer).
  6. Remove all threats it detects during the scan.
  7. Reboot your PC and repeat the scan in the case of necessity.

Windows Trouble Taker manual remover:

Delete Windows Trouble Taker files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Trouble Taker.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Trouble Taker.lnk
Delete Windows Trouble Taker registry entries:

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