Windows Trojans Sleuth removal guide

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Windows Trojans Sleuth is the next representative of malwares that has the sole aim to scare users whose PCs got infected with it. We know what this rogue is all about because we have been able to test its malicious files on our test computer. Bear in mind that the final goal of this hoax is to make you pay money for its full version. At the same time, you should not do this, because you would not benefit at all from Windows Trojans Sleuth fake anti-spyware program. By the way, it is generally the same as Windows Malware Sleuth.

Windows Trojans Sleuth gets spread via malicious links, infected downloads and even while surfing your accounts of social networks. The chances are also that this rogue can be implanted into your computer through suspicious e-mails. You must be extremely careful while opening any attachments contained in the e-mails you get, especially if these attachments are executables.

Again we remind you that Windows Trojans Sleuth presents many fake reports telling about inexistent system errors and problems, following after the same fake scans originated by it. You should not trust any word originating from this malicious application because whatever it tells you is fake and untrue. Remove it as described in the removal guide provided below. We hope it will be clear for you and simple to fulfill the instructions recommended in it. However, if you have any problems or difficulties deleting this hoax please make sure to contact us via support channel available at this site (by creating a special support ticket). We will reply as soon as possible.

Windows Trojans Sleuth automatic remover:

Windows Trojans Sleuth manual remover:

Delete Windows Trojans Sleuth files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Trojans Sleuth.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Trojans Sleuth.lnk
Delete Windows Trojans Sleuth registry entries:

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  1. I bought through internet the Windows Trojan Sleuth and it does not seem to work. Can you activate it onto my system (computer) the Serial Number given to me is DW00O-33WB1-X3T7G-E5W31. Tried to use this SN# but unsuccessful.

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