Windows Secure Kit 2012 threat prevention

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Windows Secure Kit 2012 is not an anti-virus program, not at all. Instead, this is the browser hijacker that can cause malwares to infiltrate your PC. This virus acts through browser exploits that make it possible to hijack your browsing interface with the background you see at the screenshot. In fact, this potentially dangerous application represents fake online scanning of computer and then reports some horrible infections (which are also fake and untrue). The next step for this virus hijacker is when it says users must find some solution to get rid of the above-said fake problems. This is when the choices are made by users – either to follow the instructions of this scam or to disregard it. In the first case, when users click the buttons recommended by the hijacker, the browser leads them to the download page and, in fact, the download and installation of the rogue security software is initiated automatically. This is how the plot of Windows Secure Kit 2012 is actually implemented. We hope that you will be smart enough not to follow the tricks of this scam and do not trust its luring offers.

If your browser (whatever it is) has become hijacked by Windows Secure Kit 2012 threat there is a way how to avoid the infection of your PC. Simply ignore whatever it instructs you to do. Shut down the window of your browser immediately (use Alt + F4 hotkey combination if you can’t close the window of your browser with your mouse). Download our recommended anti-virus software GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run scan with it. Remove all identified threats and reboot your system. If you have any problems please let us know as soon as possible. Stay safe!

Windows Secure Kit 2012 threat elimination software:

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