Windows Safety Tweaker virus removal lesson

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Windows Safety Tweaker is a bogus anti-spyware program that belongs to the Rogue.FakeVimes malicious clan. Windows Safety Tweaker pretends to be helpful device for virus detecting and its elimination. Indeed it is a fake application that is not capable for doing anything good for a computer system; it cannot identify or fix any real system malfunction and infections. Windows Safety Tweaker does not wait for your approval or consent to get the targeted PC, it suddenly appears in front of your desktop due to Trojans` backdoor activity. It primarily assures that your system teems with numerous infections and it is necessary to remove all this unwanted stuff otherwise you can lose your private information and other malicious representatives could be invited. The virus wants to make the victim panic. When he/she is in despair, it is easy to fool them. Windows Safety Tweaker offers its commercial version as the superb solution which can heal your computer. If you click “Cancel” button the fake warning alert will come up again with the next windows startup, compelling the users to hit the button”OK”. This is the well-designed plan how to rip innocent Internet surfers off. The virus imitates fake system scan and generated pre-programed scan reports. If you try to remove all potentially insecure objects, allegedly detected by Windows Safety Tweaker you will be rerouted to the Web page where you should effect the payment for Windows Safety Tweaker commercial version first.

Windows Safety Tweaker
Windows Safety Tweaker

Be advised enough not to believe the cyber crooks who attempt to implement their evil purposes and make money on innocent people. Do not open any personal data for these crooks. In case you have already done it, contact your credit card company to dispute your charges. Remember one important fact: you should provide “emergency aid” at once after revealing your machine is infected with this scam. We recommend you not to postpone this important task and use the reputable anti-spyware software to remove this parasite. If you give preferences to GridinSoft Trojan Killer, it is always at your disposal.

Windows Safety Tweaker automatic remover:

Windows Safety Tweaker manual remover:

Delete Windows Safety Tweaker files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Safety Tweaker.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Safety Tweaker.lnk
Delete Windows Safety Tweaker registry entries:

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