Windows Premium Guard rogue. How to kill

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  1. angel daniel garcia ramirez says:

    que mal las situacion que estamos pasando por que la compania de microsoft no hace nada para detener estas aplicaciones debe de haber una pag de windos para poder reparar todo tipo de softwear grACIAS POR AYUDARME estoy muy contento d everdad muchas gracias

  2. M Hepburn says:

    yes as I said in my previous statement I would like to know why I cannot get on my website do to many viruses caused by your windows premium guard and it said when I bought it for a year and now my boyfriend is on my computor and they want him to buy it and I have already bought it for one year. so if this percised I will contact someone to handle this matter for me if its not fixed right away. thank you and get back to me.

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