Windows Performance Catalyst virus removal.

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Windows Performance Catalyst is new fake software declares to identify and remove computer threats. Trojan Killer anti-malware Lab has disclosed that its promises and real deeds absolutely differ. This application causes an illusion of being a useful utility that allegedly tries to protect you against malicious invasion such as trojans, adware, worms, spyware and other unwanted staff. It initiates pseudo system checkup and always displays shocking reports, telling that multiple potentially insecure objects reside on your workstation. Trojan Killer analytics have launched Windows Performance Catalyst on clean testing machine and badware has detected thousands of unwanted items. It is absurd, is not it? One can come to the conclusion that this pseudo anti-virus every time provides with invented pre-programmed results. If one attempts to remove allegedly detected problems, he\she is rerouted to the Web pages where you are asked to effect the payment for commercial version activation. This is the way how IT criminalists make their money by fooling the gullible people. It happens very often when users being in panic because of critical state of their PCs` security, buy the scam.

Windows Performance Catalyst.
Windows Performance Catalyst.

Do not repeat their mistakes and keep away from this absolutely useless app. If you have already transferred your funds to cyber crooks account, dispute your charges immediately. Do not postpone Windows Performance Catalyst removal for tomorrow to avoid any private information leakage and other malicious infestation. You can rely on GridinSoft Trojan Killer in matters regards successful virus uninstalling. The removal guide is provided in the section below. You can remove it either automatically by launching Trojan Killer or manually by following our recommendations stipulated in our post.

Windows Performance Catalyst automatic remover:

Delete Windows Performance Catalystfiles:
%desktopdir%\Windows Performance Catalyst.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Performance Catalyst.lnk
Delete Windows Performance Catalyst registry entries:

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