Windows Optimal Solution scam. How to remove Windows Optimal Solution fake anti-virus tool

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Windows Optimal Solution virus is very pushy in spreading along the world wide web nowadays. And it has just appeared few hours ago. So, what’s special about Windows Optimal Solution? Well, this is a useless tool developed by the load of cyber criminals with the cruelest of aims. Windows Optimal Solution beyond any doubt has nothing to do with some decent anti-virus that your PC requires so desperately. Hence, please be not tricked with it. Windows Optimal Solution is the trojan that should be deleted once detected – as quickly as possible.

Windows Optimal Solution
Windows Optimal Solution

Windows Optimal Solution infiltration begins with fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts notification message. Be on alert! Do not be deceived! It is bogus and is a part of the malicious plan of destroying your computer with Windows Optimal Solution virus. At the same time, this malware would push you to proceed with the installation procedure. To say it differently, you would have no other choices but to press the buttons it suggest you to click. If you fail to obey it these irritating fictitious messages would come up anyway – once you restart your PC next time. Then, after you do what is says, Windows Optimal Solution would finally penetrate inside, and the PC would restart itself. Upon the PC reboot you would finally face the main interface of this junkware.

Windows Optimal Solution, after successful penetration, imitates system scanning procedure, which, by the way, is also far away from the truth. The report that is shown upon termination of this scan has nothing to do with the actual condition of your PC. At the same time, some users might be frightened, seeing how many problems are reported to be identified. And this is how they are fooled and then make the decision to buy Windows Optimal Solution – cause they start thinking that Windows Optimal Solution virus is the only remedy for elimination of all identified threats. We say it again, they are all fictitious and need to be totally disregarded.

To summarize the aforesaid, Windows Optimal Solution’s deletion is a first thing to do on your agenda. You should not loiter with this task, cause otherwise you would not be able to commonly work with your PC. Thus, please follow the removal advises for removal of Windows Optimal Solution from your PC. These advises have recommendations for both automatic and manual restoration of your PC from this Windows Optimal Solution infection.

Windows Optimal Solution automatic remover:

1. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to clear (not infected) computer and install it.

2. Update the virus database.
3. Copy the entire folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” to your jump drive (memory stick). Normally it is located at the following path: (C:\Program Files\GridinSoft Trojan Killer). “C” stands for the system disk of your computer. The name of the system disk, however, can be marked with another letter.
4. Open your jump drive (memory stick). Find the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” there. Open it , find the file under the name “trojankiller.exe” and rename it to “iexplore.exe”.
5. Move memory stick to infected PC, open “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” folder and run iexplore.exe. Optional: copy the folder “GridinSoft Trojan Killer” from your jump drive to some other folder created on your PC and run “iexplore.exe”.

Attention!!! The video given below shows the removal process of Windows Health Center virus described in one of our previous posts. Please be advised that removal of Windows Optimal Solution is similar to the removal procedure shown in this video.

Windows Optimal Solution manual removal guide:

Delete Windows Optimal Solution files:

Delete Windows Optimal Solution registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell “%AppData%\[random].exe”

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