Windows Firewall Constructor uninstalling tutorial

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Nowadays the Internet is full of different computer threats (rogues, viruses, worms).They lay their traps counting on gullible average internet users.They appear almost every day and are eager to catch the potential victims in their filthy paws. So we would recommend you to be very cautious what links you click and what programs you install. Avoid all unknown on-line antimalware scanners. It is possible to catch infection while watching videos or downloading music from unsafe recourses. Today is not exception, new virus was born. To be precise it is not absolutely new virus, we have already submitted many articles about its predecessors such as Windows Shield Tool, Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Smart Partner, Windows Smart Warden, Windows Functionality Checker, Windows Protection Master. They change their names only. They have almost the same interface and their purposes are also the same. This time it represents itself as Windows Firewall Constructor. It imitates the behavior of the reputable antivirus programs, so it is not easy to determine its authenticity.


We feel it is our duty to inform our customers and all internet users about such threat as {RN}. Be advised enough not to be lured by Windows Firewall Constructor promises to check your system up and clean your workstation up from all possible parasites. First, upon successful penetration Windows Firewall Constructor initiates fake system scanning. This process looks rather persuasive. Upon the termination of such bogus checkup, Windows Firewall Constructor generates invented pre-programmed scanning results. They state numerous threats allegedly detected. It is nothing more like well designed tactic of scaring you. The scamware “warns” you to eliminate the suspicious items as quick as possible. Windows Firewall Constructor offers itself as the superb solution for you in this situation, but first it is necessary to purchase its commercial version. Do not be deceived by these frauds. It goes without saying that neither full, nor trial version is in state to detect or remove viruses, because it is a virus itself. Never waste your savings for such scam. Under no circumstances open your private information, like banking details. If you mistakenly have already effected the payment for the crooks who elaborated {RN} then its time to contact your bank or other payment processing company and revoke all charges incurred by you for the benefit of these criminals. Another thing for you to do is to remove Windows Firewall Constructor scam and virus program immediately, at the very first detection. We recommend you to use GridinSoft Trojan KIller for this purpose. If you have questions, please contact us any time.

Windows Firewall Constructor automatic remover:

Windows Firewall Constructor manual remover:

Windows Firewall Constructor files added:
%desktopdir%\Windows Firewall Constructor.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Firewall Constructor.lnk
Windows Firewall Constructor registry entries:

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