Windows Efficiency Manager virus. How to get rid of Windows Efficiency Manager rogue

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  1. Jason says:

    this should be held as criminal…. this Efficiency Manager had control of my entire program. I couldn’t get online, or open my REAL virus program, for more that start-up, and this effin thing would shut it down. It’s extortion! nothing more that a bully standing in your doorway with a gun!

  2. removal Windows Efficiency Manager says:

    THANK YOU a million times over! I used these instructions to rid myself of this trojan with success! I’ve come across this one before, but not to the degree that it wouldn’t let me open my Task Manager or Programs. This was so helpful!!

  3. Kevin Larkin says:

    This thing (Windows efficiency manager) Has me locked up where I can’t even open anything to help me get rid of it your suggestions are of no value at this point………guess it is off to the shop 🙁

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