Windows Efficiency Magnifier – scam. How to uninstall Windows Efficiency Magnifier

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  1. Jerry says:

    Thanks for info on windows efficiency magnifier, though thankfully I do not require it at this time. However, I am at the point where I get the false alert, that conterminously appears and reappears. I have not been able to end the process. I am unable to get task manager to work. I have tried to open the real windows defender program and could not. Would appreciate suggestions as what to do. Thanks. Jerry

  2. Remove Windows Efficiency Magnifier says:

    thank you so much. if you have this problem, you can trust these guys.

  3. Richard Craig says:

    how do I get rid of “Windows Efficiency Magnifier”, I did not order the program, therefore I want instructions on of how to remove your worthless program. Via return mail, to the above email address, I expect to receive this tomorrow 3/18/2011.
    Thank you.

    Richard Craig

  4. Ghalib says:

    Thank u very much guys 😀 u save my computer, im deleting the threats now, its exactly how u explained it in the text and the Video 🙂

    But i noticed one difference in my case, the .exe file was as follow:

    C:\Users\[Current User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft

    “Thats for Windows Vista”.

    Many thx again, my computer has recovered from a serious malware.


  5. secret sumatra says:

    I always was interested in this subject and stock still am,
    appreciate it for posting.

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