Windows Efficiency Kit scam (removal guide)

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We would like to take this opportunity and seriously warn you of the fact that cyber frauds have already elaborated another rogue application. Therefore it is our responsibility before you to warn you about such serious issue which can threaten the security of your PC. This virus is named Windows Efficiency Kit. This is a malicious device which usually functions in the following way. First you get a message via fabricated Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts stating that your computer is infected with some unknown but severe virus. And then you are offered to scan with this fake antivirus program having the name of Windows Efficiency Kit.

Windows Efficiency Kit scam

Soon upon termination of presentation of such fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts the PC is forcibly restarted, and Windows Efficiency Kit gets inside of the machine and shows its true face. This proves the fact that this malware has a such peculiarity as an installation without user’s consent or approval. Even though user does have to participate in its installation, without realizing the fact that he/she is downloading the virus. And then, upon installation, Windows Efficiency Kit imitates fake scanning. After such false scanning Windows Efficiency Kit misinforms you about bad condition of your computer and of course the offer comes up for you to purchase its fake ultimate protection in order to help you to get rid of your supposed problems and get rid of all supposedly identified trojans.

Once again we emphasize the fact that such program is simply a fake concoction which can cause serious turmoil for your computer. It’s just a trick prepared for unwary PC users. These cyber crooks who developed it get money from you without giving you anything in return. We convincingly recommend you to remove Windows Efficiency Kit from your PC as soon as possible. For this purpose, please refer to some reputable anti-malware tool which can provide you solid defense of your system. If you have noticed some unwanted guests in your workstation you should take the appropriate measures without delay. You can get rid of your problem by following the guide stipulated herein. We suggest you to choose between manual and automated PC cleanup. The choice is all yours, but you definitely should not tolerate Windows Efficiency Kit virus inside of your machine.

Windows Efficiency Kit automatic remover:

Uninstall milestones:

  1. In Windows Efficiency Kit click “?” Menu button anc click “Register”.
  2. register_fakevimes

  3. Paste this product key – 0W000-000B0-00T00-E0022 exactly as shown at the image below, then click “Register“.
  4. register_fake_vimes

  5. Afer registration download GridinSoft Trojan Killer without any blockages on the part of the hoax, scan your computer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer and get rid of all threats identified by clicking “Apply” button upon the end of scan.
  6. Reboot your PC and repeat scan.

Video explaining activation of this rogue to facilitate its removal:

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