Windows Cleaning Toolkit scam (removal tutorial)

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Windows Cleaning Toolkit, a new rogue antivirus, is actively bombarding various countries of the world today. This is a bogus anti-malware program that masks itself with the GUI of some anti-virus program supposedly protecting your system. However, the point is that it is surely good for nothing. This hoax will not render the promised protection in times you really need it. It will not become the powerful utility that would help you enhance your system defense against all possible variants of cyber vulnerabilities. Thus, once real viruses do attack your PC, this hoax will not assist you in protecting your system against such threats.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit

The behavior of Windows Cleaning Toolkit malware is quite predictable. It gets into your PC in a secret and hidden manner without your approval of consent for such installation. This happens through direct participation of several trojan horses that find leaks in the system security settings of your PC, and so your system gets easily infected.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit is a fake anti-virus program that should be immediately removed from your system upon detection. It is the example of how tricky hackers are today. They invent various ways to persuade users in so many lies invented by them. However, we hope that you will be wise and instead of obeying the instructions of the crooks you will ignore the warnings of fake Windows Cleaning Toolkit rogue and, instead, remove the source of the infection by running our recommended software. Please carefully follow the instructions set forth below.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit automatic remover:

Windows Cleaning Toolkit removal steps:

  1. Wait until Windows Cleaning Toolkit completes its bogus scan. To remove the blockage of your Desktop with this rogue click “Settings” and place a checkmark on “Allow unprotected startup“:
  2. Allow unprotected startup

  3. Shut down the window of Windows Cleaning Toolkit rogue antivirus and ignore all its pop-up windows, like this one:
  4. Unprotected startup is unsafe for your private data

  5. Click “OK“.
  6. Open cmd.exe command ad explained below – Start – All programs – Accessories – Commant Prompt:
  7. cmd.exe command in Windows X

  8. Note that you should open cmd.exe command as Administrator in Windows by right-clicking “cmd.exe” and selecting such option.
  9. Type this command in cmd.exe opened as Administrator – taskkill /IM guard* and press “Enter“:
  10. taskkill command to kill Windows Cleaning Toolkit

  11. You will get the confirmation of Windows Cleaning Toolkit process terminated successfully:
  12. Windows Cleaning Toolkit process terminated

  13. Now download Trojan Killer, install it and run scan with it. Click “Apply” at the end of scan.
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