Windows Care Taker malware. How to remove

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Windows Care Taker is yet another virus and not the decent anti-malware tool. So, you must be very careful if you see it on your computer. There is a risk that the rogue can prompt you into paying for its fake licensed version as a supposed remedy for removal of fake threats is reports. The rogue uses fake system reports that are meant to scare users into purchasing its full version which supposedly can fix all fake problems and errors supposedly detected by Windows Care Taker malware. But, if you have a look at its very scan, you will discover that it doesn’t last long, just about 3-4 seconds, not more than that. So, obviously, there is something really unreliable in this rogueware.

The malware launches itself together with Windows, so this means that as soon as you actually turn your PC on you will discover this misleading and fake anti-spyware application. Don’t panic, however, because this is exactly what the malware developers want from you. Instead of obeying the misleading instructions of them, take care of your computer with reliable means of anti-spyware defense.

Are you infected such a misleading, fraudulent and generally malicious program? Then do not panic and remove this hoax from your computer at once. The similar video guide below will show you how to do it with Gridinsoft Trojan Killer.

Windows Care Taker automatic remover:

Windows Care Taker removal sequence of steps:

  1. Through your browser window download Process Killer application (pkiller.exe). The download link is
  2. Save “pkiller.exe” to your Desktop and run it or run this program immediately.
  3. Once the malicious process of Windows Care Taker has been disabled (terminated) shut down “pkiller.exe” (Process Killer).
  4. Through your browser window download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  5. Install, update and run anti-virus software (Trojan Killer).
  6. Remove all threats it detects during the scan.
  7. Reboot your PC and repeat the scan in the case of necessity.

Similar removal video:

Windows Care Taker manual remover:

Delete Windows Care Taker files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Care Taker.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Care Taker.lnk
Delete Windows Care Taker registry entries:

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