Windows Attacks Preventor virus and its removal.

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Windows Attacks Preventor is a new virus but with old ‘relatives’. It is a clone of Windows Threats Destroyer, Windows Firewall Constructor, Windows Stability Guard, Windows Basic Antivirus and many others. The virus’ aim is your money. When the rogue penetrates inside your system it automatically begins to scan it. The process of scanning is totally fake. There is no such a program which can scan the system so fast. It is just not how it works. So, if you try to restart your PC it will not help you. Every time you reboot it the virus runs itself and everything begins from the start. The scanning process and the list of threats it supposdely finds in your machine. Plus, if you are sure that you have the best antivirus program in the world, it will not help you either. Hackers have figured out the way how they can overcome your good antiviruses’ protection and penetrate into systems. Windows Attacks Preventor virus tries to scare you into the purchasing of its malicious product. And actually it can do it. So, pay attention to the sites and links you enter and to the programs you work with in the web!

Windows Attacks Preventor
Windows Attacks Preventor

As we have alredy told you everything the virus shows you and provides you with is totally fake. It creates its own fake scams and rogues for you to believe that your PC is really infected and damaged by some malwares. If you try to delete those above-mentioned threats from your PC with the help of Windows Attacks Preventor you will not be able to do this. Windows Attacks Preventor will redirect you to another page where you can buy its commercial version. Of course, the virus will try to convince you that its product is the best for you to remove all the threats. Do not let it fool you in such way! The virus will only take your money and that is all. Moreover, the virus can do differenet stuff with the files and folders inside your PC. They can be blocked or even missing. Do not panic at once, they are not removed (in general). The files as well as the icons and files from start menu just hidden. But they can be restored. Of course, you can restore them after Windows Attacks Preventor will be eliminated from the system completely and for good. How can you do that? We recommend you to use our anti-spyware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer for the successful elimination of Windows Attacks Preventor virus. You should also scan your system with our program from time to time in future just to be sure it is safe and clean of viruses. Do not hesitate to eliminate the virus as soon as you notice it in your system!

Windows Attacks Preventor automatic remover:

Windows Attacks Preventor manual remover:

Delete Windows Attacks Preventor files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Attacks Preventor.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Attacks Preventor.lnk
Delete Windows Attacks Preventor registry entries:

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