Windows Antivirus 2012 browser hijacker. How to remove this virus

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Users who are regular Internet surfers often face quite a real threat for security of their PC. This thing represents itself as certain “Windows Antivirus 2012” But it is not, in fact. Quite to the contrary, by the way. This unexpected notification is a typical browser hijacker, and most often such undesirable events occurs primarily with Internet Explorer browser. It appears that each time some user of the compromised PC wants to use the Internet the browser redirects him/her to a certain page titled as “Windows Security 2012 Warning”. It should be mentioned that such page actually looks like a Windows Explorer program, but in reality this is nothing but the web page due to the fact that it consists of some strange and large link as its address. The page claims to run virus scan on the compromised PC. The scam is imitated on each drive available on the PC with certain periodicity. Finally, it shows a notification “Windows Antivirus 2012 has found critical process activity on your PC and will perform fast scan of system files”.

Once this is supposedly completed the hijacker recommends you to click certain link that will allegedly install the weapon (remedy) against all these infections. But, in fact, upon clicking this link (button) the rogue anti-spyware is actually downloaded. So, if this event and hijacker actually occurred on your PC please ignore whatever it instructs you to do. Instead, scan your PC with legitimate anti-spyware program. We recommend you to scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer in this case. It will remove this hijacker as well as other potential threats. If you have any problems with your PC’s security please get in touch with us immediately.

Windows Antivirus 2012 (browser hijacker) automatic remover:

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