Windows – Delayed Write Failed hoax alert

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Users can get Windows – Delayed Write Failed message if there are some errors or problems in their file system. This standard message is showed by operating system that was installed onto user’s computer. If this message is real you need just to do some repair works with your system. In this case it would be appropriate to use good defragmenter to fix those problems. But you need to know that there is the other message can appear on your screen, it is almost same but totally fake. If it is fake you will see Windows – Delayed Write Failed message and after that System Restore fake system defragmenter would appear. So, when you notice all of that you should know it is false and there is nothing in common with true system information.

Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Delayed Write Failed

What viruses can cause such fake system information? It can be such rogues like System Restore, Data Restore, Data Repair, Data Recovery, etc. There are plenty of viruses of this type. So, if you get such fake message in front of you, do not do anything. Do not click on those pop-ups. Because if you do that it would be great opportunity for the virus to begin its work immediately. All you have to do is to remove it as soon as it gets to your system. You need really good program for elimination of malware. We suggest you to use our anti-spyware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer. It can easily cope with your problem. However, there are two other additional programs you need to run in order to remove System Restore virus. They are called GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. Please use all 3 above-mentioned applications to have your computer remodeled after virus aggression inside of it.

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GridinSoft Unhider download link:

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7 thoughts on “Windows – Delayed Write Failed hoax alert

  1. Once the Trojan Killer is purchased, is there an additional charge for the other two steps to the Delayed Write Hoax solution i.e. Unhinder and Restore?

  2. I have tried to unhide/restore my files after getting rid of this virus and cannot get anything back. This is on Windows 7. Any way to recover my data and files?

  3. Unfortunately I clicked on the alert message and have since had to reboot by computer. There wasn’t really anything important on that computer however are the passwords that I have used now compromised? What was the purpose of the virus?

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