Win32/Bafrus backdoor. The threat you should know about.

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There is a backdoor called Win32/Bafrus we want to tell you about. It is dangerous one because of its possibilities and consequences of this backdoor’s presence in your system can be lamentable. Win32/Bafrus infects your system and does the P2P connection with another infected computers, it can connect to your system’s command and control server, and that is very bad if you know. Different modules of Win32/Bafrus have different possibilities. Win32/Bafrus can copy the passwords from the social networks you are in (for example Facebook). But the worst thing is that Win32/Bafrus can disable antiviruses making your systems vulnerable.

This rogue has a big difference among the latest we were writing you about. This one does not want your money and it does not block your whole system. Win32/Bafrus asks you to reboot your system and after you do that it just delete some of your antviruses’ files. When the system is restarted it shows you the message that your system has better protection now. That is mean, don’t you think? That is why we want to share this information with you.

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