Win Defrag rogue. How to get rid of Win Defrag fake security application

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Win Defrag (also in some cases known as WinDefrag) is a recently elaborated malware in the family of fake security programs that are currently threatening lots of computers at present time. Please be aware that Win Defrag is nothing but a direct successor of Win HDD – malware of which we have already told you in one of our previous posts. It is thus quite understandable that these two tools even look the same.

How to remove WinDefrag scam.
WinDefrag fake tool.

Just as lots of other fake and malicious programs, WinDefrag shows fake reports for the only goal – that is to scare you and to convince you that your PC has so many critical problems that you have never imagined of … At the same time, so many users are being tricked by it. Win Defrag carries out its fraudulent and aggressive action by means of pop-ups, fabricated scan reports and notices masked as ones presented by Windows Operating System. These fake notifications may include messages of your CPU temperature being too high or of some error during initialization of C Drive, or of you PC system integrity being at risk as a result of some data security problem. Afterwards Win Defrag will be instrumental enough to convince you to buy the license of this junkware. This is the main trick of it – the rogue only aims to steal your money from and is not able to provide any decent and beneficial assistance and improvement of system performance. Moreover, Win Defreag is not only a fraud, but it also creates actual threats to your system operation. Slowing down of PC performance, losing important information, system crashes, problems with Internet connection – these are the fruits of its interference and failure to take steps on its removal on your part. To summarize the aforesaid, please take time and due diligence to remove Win Defrag from your system if you encounter any of its malicious activity on it. Please read the guidelines provided below on removal of this malware.

Win Defrag automatic remover:

Win Defrag manual removal guide:

Delete Win Defrag files:
%Desktop%\Win Defrag.lnk
%Programs%\Win Defrag\Win Defrag.lnk
%Programs%\Win Defrag\Uninstall Win Defrag.lnk
Delete Win Defrag registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random]”
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random].exe”

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