Win 7 Internet Security 2012 virus modified version

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  1. Asian Girl says:

    just got this Internet security Virus on my computer. Had to start my computer in safe mode to get rid of the .exe file. It was in usrs/name/app-data/roaming/intsec.exe or a name simlar to that. Once having got rid of that I could then restart in normal mode without the damm virus starting up. If it starts up I noticed you can’t stop it even with the task manager.

  2. bill keen says:

    There is a way to arrest the program. Simply click on register when it asks you to, then cancel. keep the screen up and it cannot shut down task manager. This gives you a window of opportunity to stop it in its tracks.Or at least function. Such a failed virus. A novice can figure out a way around it? makes me laugh!

  3. antivirus says:

    It’s amazing article and very helpful. The number of circulating fake antivirus makes computer users feel uneasy, one of them ever experienced in my friend. He was one antivirus installed, when in fact it is malware. thanks for the help you give

  4. Willy D says:

    There is a newer version of this malware called Internet Security 2013. This thing popped up on my computer, probably from my children, but was very suspicious when the computer kept telling me that every program I tried to run was infected by a Trojan virus. It was the only program that seemed to not be affected by this virus. I could not even open up my usual antivirus programs, and it almost looked like an official Microsoft shield. I also noticed a new program called Internet Security icon on my desktop. I was able to restart my computer and get the task manager to open so I could stop the program. I then ran my usual anti virus program, and it is running again.

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